Let’s Get Tough On Them

There is another instance where people might be affected by credit card fraud. It seems that CardSystems Solutions Inc who does work for Mastercard had some compromise that made people’s information available.

There are hundreds of reports like this and then we hear reports about some group of criminals using the information to get credit in someone else’s name and charging up a fortune. This costs consumers and it costs companies.

The feds need to get really tough on these criminals. They need to find the ones who use credit cards and other information for illegal means. Put them in jail for a minimum of ten years, no appeal, no lighter sentence and no plea bargain. Those asses don’t mind ruining another person’s life so let’s take their life from them for ten years. I am not talking about some country club for white collar criminals either. I want them in a real gulag, not one the left uses to illustrate their hate for our military.

The companies that lose information of have security break downs should be required to compensate the affected people heavily. Then they would be a bit more careful when handling our stuff.

My Way News.

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