Let Them Eat Food Stamp Cake

The food stamp president, Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm), will head off on vacation at the end of this year just as the alleged fiscal crisis that he and his Democrats allowed to happen comes into full swing. The messiah of the left will fly to Hawaii with his family at a cost to taxpayers of 4 MILLION DOLLARS.

Yes, while people are losing jobs, while they are suffering through the Obama economy, while they are trying to figure out what comes next, Obama and his family will be basking in the Hawaiian sun on the taxpayer’s dime. One would think that while so many Americans are suffering, so much so that they have not been able to take a vacation, Obama would stay closer to home and save the taxpayers’ money. OK, I would not think that of Obama. Only a leader would do such a thing and Obama could not lead a group of people out of a burning building unless he promised them Obamaphones for getting out.

Obama will not save taxpayers money because he thinks he is a King and that he is above it all. Hell, we have no money to pay the bills and he will waste 4 MILLION DOLLARS on a vacation.

Obama knows that taxing the wealthy more will not solve the fiscal problems this country has but he is pushing forward for those increases anyway. Spending and so called entitlement cuts are not on the table because Obama would rather tax the rich just for the fun of it.

I guess he needs to raise their taxes so he can pay for his vacations.

Obama has spent millions of dollars to keep his records sealed (hiding a Kenyan birth certificate is expensive). I think I know why he has locked his college transcripts away.

He failed economics and did not want anyone to see the failing grades. Too late Barack, we can see the failure each and every day.

While Obama and his family vacation like royalty America will be suffering. Let them eat cake!

At least his supporters can eat cake they purchased with food stamps.

Just not Twinkies…

As an aside, we have not had a budget in four years because of the Democrats. Why worry about it now? Let the tax cuts expire and spending cuts take place and let people deal with it the best they can. The media and the Democrat Party (but I repeat myself) will try to blame Republicans but who cares? The government gave us the fiscal cliff prior to the election and the people who voted put the exact same government in place. This means they were happy with how things were going. Let them feel the consequences of their actions…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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7 Responses to “Let Them Eat Food Stamp Cake”

  1. victoria says:

    I was going to say when I started reading your post–and don’t forget that it will be all the Republicans fault. That is going to be the narrative. I can’t believe that we are hearing some of the coward Republicans who are caving to more taxes already. Truthfully though, this is just a big kabuki dance with a lot of posturing etc. to keep pulling the wool over the stupid and ill informed. We are already over the fiscal cliff. It is only a matter of time until the ___! hits the fan.

  2. turkeylover says:

    Should the White House and Congress fail to reach a deal, a $500 billion mix of tax cuts and austere cutbacks on federal spending will kick in January 1.

    …all the Republican’s fault. That’s why I vote Republican.

  3. Real Deal says:

    The problem is that Republicans never learn. They compromise on the promise of spending cuts and then the taxes go up and the speding never goes down. They need to stand firm but they won’t, they’ll cave and the nation will be screwed.

    Also they suck at explaining that even if you taxed the 2% at 100% it wouldn’t run the Government for a month. They need to be banging this drum for all its worth but like during the election they aren’t. I’m pretty disgusted with the Republican party, they keep pushing “moderate” and all moderates do is lose or screw us.

  4. Blake says:

    What the Reps should be doing, is to explain the whole purpose of Capitalism- Perhaps like this- Is there ANYONE who doesn’t want to be rich? This is the main reason we buy Powerball tickets; its not about some high minded BS about all the dollars going to Education- even a dog could figure out. No, its the chance to be rich.
    Well, Capitalism works so that if you have a good idea, and work hard enough, and people want your product, you can be rich.
    Who doesn’t want that, except for the slackers who do not want to work- they SHOULD STARVE- ITS A DARWINIAN THING- why keep useless bloodsuckers alive? Work for a living.
    Also, people rarely value what was given, but they value dearly what they had to sweat for.

    • victoria says:

      “Who doesn’t want that?” That is a good question because now the left says that if your rich–you are evil and made it off the backs of your employees. It used to be called giving people a job when I was growing up. What also is unfathomable is that a huge number of Democrat politicians are what I would view as rich. Some are millionaires and so is the O, so are they calling themselves evil rich people. Now they want to tax the rich more–so do they want to tax themselves more.I think that must be why, I heard it said on one of the programs on the Blaze channel that they’re graduating morons from the Ivy league colleges now with a lot of moronic ideas.