Let Them Eat Birthday Cake

Michelle My Belle Obama is on a four day vacation with her youngest daughter while hubby Barry spends time away from family but with his friends, in Chicago. Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) spent his birthday in Chicago while the rest of his family did something else. While Barry told the country to visit the Gulf for vacation his wife, Michelle, evidently did not get the memo. She is spending time in Spain at a posh $2500 a night hotel.

Yes, while millions of people are unemployed, while her husband destroys the economy, while the near future is bleak, Michelle Obama is spending time at a hotel in which her room will cost $10,000 for the four days. That is more money than some people make a year. You’ve gotta love royalty…

And it gets worse because MO took up 60 rooms for 40 of her friends. I assume the other 20 rooms were for Secret Service Agents. Don’t be fooled by anything you read in the MSM. Michelle Obama is on a political trip paying off political friends and looking for more support. Hubby is sinking in the polls and most Democrats are avoiding him like the plague so MO is the one to garner support.

The big question is, who is paying for this? We know that part of the bill is being paid for by taxpayers. The plane ride over was on the taxpayer and the 20 or so Secret Service Agents are being paid for by the taxpayer. I don’t know who paid for the rest but if it is her vacation she shouild be paying for the entire trip out of her pocket (with the exception of reasonable items afforded her position as First Lady).

Somehow I feel like the bill will go to the taxpayer.

I do not begrudge anyone a vacation. I don’t really care how people spend their money (if she is indeed spending her money on this) but I can’t stand hypocrites and elitist pigs who tell us one thing and do another. The Clintons bash rich people all the time and discuss how terrible they are and how they should be giving more and why do they need so much and then they spend $5 million dollars on their daughter’s wedding. Think of how many of the poor folks and children that kind of money would have helped.

MO is the same way. She and her husband are liberal elitists who think that the government can decide how much a person can make. They believe that government should provide cradle to grave care for people. They think the evil rich make too much and spend it on lavish things. Then MO spends tens of thousands of dollars on a vacation. What do you expect from a woman whose husband eats $100 a pound steak?

To top all this off, MO did not spend the tens of thousands of dollars here in the United States. She could have gone to California where they could certainly use the money. She could show that she believes what her husband says and vacationed in the Gulf. Think of how welcomed that kind of spending would have been in an area devestated by the oil spill and the ensuing ineptitude of the Obama regime. The people down there are hurting and could have used an influx of money. The presence of MO could have sparked the rest of the country to vacation in the Gulf and help out our fellow Americans.

No, MO went to Spain where the State Department had determined that racist cops were arresting people for being black. Fortunately for Michelle, the State Department lifted the look out black folks memo in time for her to walk around Spain without worry (as if a platoon of Secret Service would ever let anything happen).

With more people claiming unemployment benefits (unexpectedly, of course), and more people using food stamps it would have been nice to see the First Lady spend money at home.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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10 Responses to “Let Them Eat Birthday Cake”

  1. victoria says:

    “evil rich people,”–I wonder if they ever stop to think that they are pointing the finger at themselves.(Every last one of them in Congress too.) You can’t accuse me of being an “evil rich person,” nor you. When it comes to money I make squat. However, wisdom is said to be better than riches in the Bible. That is something that you can’t accuse them of.

    • Big Dog says:

      I certainly am not hurting but my wife and I made smart investments and saved our money. We are not rich and we resent people taking our money and wasting it on BS programs that are unconstitutional.

      Perhaps people should save instead of going after instant gratification.

  2. victoria says:

    This is what rulers and their wives do to the proletariat so get used to it.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Then again, it is hard to have pity for people who cry poor and have cell phones, big screen TVs, air conditioning, several cars (and not cheap ones either) and who knows how many other items. Most of our poorest would be well off in any other country.

    How many of the poor are uneducated because they did not attend school or had no parental involvement or were victims of public education? How many can’t read or write or put together a complete sentence. It is supposed to be my fault that people do not take advantage of the educational opportunities and become morons so I have to pay for social programs that help people who were negligent or lazy and decided not to take advantage of what this country offers.

    Bah, you get what you deserve. We all have equal opportunity and if you blew yours then live with your decision.

    • Blake says:

      BD, you can see uneducated people simply by looking at the University of Texas, when Yoda Obama gave his tired-ass speech about the car inb the ditch, and these unformed minds ate it up as if Rodney Dangerfield was on stage.
      Our youth is not educated anymore- just passed through. They are liberal because they have been spoon-fed a twisted revisionist history by liberal teachers, all of whom belong to unions, and they are fat, because they have no PE in the schools anymore, and they would rather play with their Wii (a name strangely apropos) or X box- It is not what we eat, but what we do -or don’t do that makes us fat or not.

  4. Blake says:

    In Afghanistan, the temp is around 115 degrees, and no air conditioning- that is bad for our troops, but to the Afghanis, it is home- they have no other baseline experience to draw from.
    So many people do not realize that the poorest among us would be considered rich in many other countries- after all, we do not have the threat of getting our limbs hacked off because we are from the wrong tribe, or stoned to death, based on one man’s word.
    But we cannot call them what they are- barbarians, because that would hurt their inner savage.

  5. Blake says:

    What kills me is GM (Government Motors) has touted that they have paid back the money they borrowed from the taxpayers (they have NOT- they still owe about 50 million), and now they are going to open a new plant- In Mexico, no less- how does THIS help the jobless HERE?

  6. Blake says:

    Do the Obamaramas count themselves as “Evil Rich People”?