Let’s Give Texas Back to Mexico and Be Done with it

The Mexicans have been invading America and they want to take Texas back. They are coming in here and sucking up resources and our Congress shows how impotent it is by ignoring the problem or by trying to reward lawbreakers. I think it is the right time to just give Texas back to Mexico and be done with it. It is obvious that the Texans don’t want to do anything to solve the problem so they can be part of Mexico or move before we seal off the border.

I originally thought that we might be able to solve the problem and still keep Texas but it now appears that Texas has decided it likes the ILLEGALS and wants them around. Those of us who don’t are xenophobes and our opinions don’t count. The Dallas Morning News has named the ILLEGAL immigrant as its person of the year. According to the DMN, the ILLEGALS do work Americans will not (at least not for the same wages) and they are such hard workers. Of course they do work for low wages. They make it up by taking millions of dollars in taxpayer money to which they are not entitled and by having jackpot babies so they can lay claim to this country.

If the DMN is so enamored with the ILLEGALS and thinks they should be the person of the year than that is fine. Let’s just give Texas back to Mexico and forbid entry from the northern Texas border. Texas can deal with the poverty, the social problems, the crime, the jackpot babies (well, they would be Mexican citizens by then) and they can figure a way to pay for it all without the money from US taxpayers.

Then, maybe the DMN would see how life really is. As long as someone else pays it is fine but when they have to foot the bill I imagine they would not be too happy.

BTW, if you want to see jobs that most Americans will not do look at any member of our Armed Forces. Now those are jobs most Americans will not do for any wage. Most ILLEGALS have no interest in doing that job.

Big Dog

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9 Responses to “Let’s Give Texas Back to Mexico and Be Done with it”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    The people of Texas are not happy campers. Trust me. My family is still there. My brother is a trucker and the only white one. All the others have helpers except him. Why? Because he won’t speak Spanish. The DMN is the red headed step child of the NYT. Believe me that there are a lot of p/o’d Texan’s. Notice how well the plan to let the trucks from Mexico just drive through is working. They found about 30 illegals hiding behind boxes of green peppers. Of course the driver was no where to be found.

    Off topic but the bill they just passed that doesn’t have the right amount in for the pay raises for the troops with I complain about everytime I write someone. On Real Facts there’s something that says they will get around to fixing it next year. No, how about they don’t do anything else until it is fixed. Theirs was fine so now all the low belly crawlers in the Congress need to fix it for the troops. Even though it’s no where near what they gave themselves. They said it will be retro. No they need the money now. I’m waiting to get banned from the whole system. I think we are on a first name basis. Just thought I’d pass that along.

  2. Melissa In Texas says:

    Don’t give up on Texas just yet.
    I know I haven’t.
    There are plenty of pissed off Texans around.
    We just have to be careful to keep from being labelled the “R” word and bringing the wrath of Governor Perry and the illegal lovin’ weenies.
    With the housing market going belly up, many of them are leaving, quietly and in the middle of the night. Right back to Mexico.
    We are not through with this fight yet!

  3. bj1boo says:

    Hi Big Dog, I just came to Ruidoso,NM for the holidays…You would Not believe the Rude mexicans that crowd the stores.. If you try to be polite and let them pass you in the stores, you would be waiting a long long time..The only way to get thru to shop,etc. is to plow right thru them. They Will get out of the way.I just look the other way and keep on going .
    It isnt as bad in my Tx.home town but still , when I go to shop,Im surrounded by mexican speaking rabble that have no common courtesy.
    Im really upset by our government . I believe theyre trying to do the bidding of this shadow government you hear about. I know I vote NO on every issue that concerns mexicans.
    I believe that Ron Paul would make an honest to goodness effort for our United States. He would get rid of the mexicans and hopefully pass a law that recinds ALL anchor baby births from way back when.
    If not Ron Paul, then I feel that Romney would be a better choce than Huckabee… I was all for him till I found out hes for amnesty. In other words, Huckabee would allow the mexicans to step across the border one day and then step back across , fill out a form and be granted citizenship…No way am I voting for that.
    Id like yours or anybodys input on this. I would appreciate your pointing out any flaws in these candidates Ive over looked… Thanks,bj1boo

  4. Virginia says:

    Arizona and Oklahoma seems to be trying to combat their illegal problems, you would think other Governors would do the same. Rick Perry, governor of Tx passed a great law about protection of our home, car , job etc.., but he also needs to step up and declare war on the Texas Border, and stop them illegals. A Governor of a state does have the power to do this, and also to tell all agencies in law enforcement to enforce the laws on the books regarding illegals. I encountered a mexican couple , spanish speaking trying to steal things from the grocery store. I was in line behind them, the young cashier had no idea. I saw what they were doing and I said over and over in a loud voice, them two are stealing, called attention of the whole store. I wanted everyone to see what was going on. When I did that, that mexican couple put everything on the counter and pretended to want to see how much it cost, and wanted then to pay for it. A illegal also attempted a mugging on me when I walked out of a pizza place, with pizza in one hand, purse on shoulder, and keys in hand. I keep my keys on what is known as a jailer ring, around my wrist. He came up behind me, told me to give him my keys and purse. I gave him my keys real fast, right across the face, repeated this several times. Also gave him a example of how old short women are not to be messed with (thanks to karate classes). When he was down and I was about to use my number 5, to kick a field gold with his head, the cops swarmed us, stopped me from putting his lights out for good. They threw him in the back of a police car. I was told he had been doing this all evening at other locations in the area. A few days later a detective contacted me , said that guy had felony warrants. The last warrant was for robber and beating an elderly woman nearly into a coma. Cops had photos of all his injuries, caused by me, and I could only lmao, bet he thinks twice the next time he tries to rob a old woman. This happen in Houston , Texas. Houston is getting bad and with no type enforcement against illegals, Houston want be able to hire enough cops to control the mess. Yes, Texas needs to step up now before it is to late.

  5. anonymous says:

    Texas is not Mexico’s the citezens left Mexico on their own. You forget that Mexico was falling apart back then. Everyone remembers the Republic of Texas but noone remembers the republic of the rio grande

  6. Zak says:

    “Let’s just give Texas back to Mexico and forbid entry from the northern Texas border.”

    Soooooo, since the current border is not enforced, let’s move the border north and THEN “fobid entry”? What happened to your “I believe this county is great because our ancestors were not afraid to stand up and fight for what they considered right” stance in your About section? Sounds like you’re willing to throw the towel in on this one. How much ground are you willing to give? I thought you were a Fighting Man? You might try talking to a Texan before passing judgement on the entire state. Maybe throw a little support out for those of us trying to fight this crap. The DMN is a croc and, just like most of the print media, does not reflect the views of the populace. And the damn RINOs are killing us – and not just in Texas. Texas is on the front line of this fight and we have not, and will not, lose it. We’ve lost our fair share of battles because the government hamstrings us but the war goes on. Stream http://www.ksevradio.com (broadcasting in the Dallas and Houston areas) one morning and you’ll see that this thing is far from over.

    Thank You for serving,

  7. Big Dog says:

    Hey Zak,
    I am willing to fight with you guys but hell, you all need to get control of what is going on down there. My state is not better but the Mexicans have stated they want to take the south back and there seems to be little fight left from the people who belong there.

    Let me know how I can help…

  8. Native says:

    Native Americans were here first….everyone should move out and start over in order again!!!

  9. Big Dog says:

    They were here first. See what happens when you don’t guard your borders?