Let My 180 Go

Today is the day we set aside to tell John Kerry to sign an SF 180 and release all his military records. John Kerry told us all on National TV that he would make those records available yet he has not done so despite the fact that it has been more than a year since he made that promise.

Kerry is fond of saying that the president lied us into war even though all the evidence shows this not to be the case yet Kerry thinks it is OK not to honor his word even though millions of people heard the promise come out of his mouth. I think that Kerry is a boob and he is trying to hide from his record. he had the guts to protest against America and to work with our enemies when he returned from his shortened tour in Vietnam but he does not have the courage to disclose the consequences of his actions.

John, if you were a real man you would have the courage to stand up and release all your records like you said that you would. I expect you will ignore this as long as possible hoping that it will go away. Have you not learned that the web makes it nearly impossible to hide?

Sign the SF 180 and release ALL of your records in entirety.

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