Let Me Answer for Hillary

Hillary Clinton told New Hampshire voters that their primary process would be more representative than the Iowa caucus. Clinton said that people who had to work or were out of the state would not be disenfranchised. The article indicates that candidates usually praise the grassroots of the Iowa caucus. Hilary was praising it prior to getting her hat handed to her in the caucus process. She came in third so the process, not the candidate must be flawed.

Nevada has a caucus coming up and its rules are the very same as those in Iowa. The Clinton campaign was asked if its candidate felt the same way about Nevada:

“No. Sen. Clinton is absolutely committed to the Nevada caucus and we expect to do well,” said Clinton campaign spokeswoman Hilarie Grey in an e-mail.

Grey did not respond to requests to explain why Nevada escapes Clinton’s critique. RGJ.com

Of course the campaign did not respond to explain because once again the smartest woman in the world stuck her foot in her mouth. Stevie Wonder can see why she did not answer but let me go ahead and answer for Hillary and her campaign.

The reason that Nevada escapes the criticism that she had for Iowa is that Nevada has not voted (or caucused) yet. Hillary still needs them and until the voting is over there she will heap praise upon them much as she did in Iowa.

She was full of praise for them and their process and after she lost she talked about how the system disenfranchises voters. I do not disagree with that but I have held that opinion all along and have mentioned it a few times. Hillary had two different positions. In reality, she pandered to the Iowans until she lost and then she left and talked badly about their process. However, since Nevada has not voted she refuses to have the same criticisms. She is a hypocrite and for the world’s smartest woman she sure is stupid. Remember, to Hillary only the unthinking in Iowa voted for Obama.

Remember, Hillary has use for anything only so long as it can benefit her. The minute it loses value to her it is worthless in her mind. Keep this in mind when you are voting. Make her as worthless as she really is by voting for any other candidate.

Big Dog

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One Response to “Let Me Answer for Hillary”

  1. When the Big dog is right, he is right. We went to the Nevada caucus and it was a very close race in our district. Sadly, the caucus was very disorganized.