Leon Panetta Is Out Of Touch

The big blunder in Benghazi has caused headaches for those in the Obama regime who are trying to cover things up. Recent revelations show that increased security was denied and that the requests of fighters to go to the assistance of Ambassador Stevens were denied. Those orders were eventually ignored by two brave men who died after seven hours of intense fighting. Two men held off a large number of terrorists. Just think what we could have done if more help had been sent.

That help was not sent because the military was told not to go help. The Pentagon refused to send help. Leon Panetta refused to send our warfighters despite the fact they were close enough to help because, he claims, there was not enough intelligence and he did not want to put those folks in harm’s way.

Now that his decisions are under attack he says people are engaging in Monday morning quarterbacking.

No Leon, this is called holding our government accountable. You decided not to send help and because of that whatever chance of survival those folks had evaporated. You turned your back on people and I can only conclude that it was an act of cowardice.

It is not Monday morning quarterbacking to hold the government accountable for obvious failures. the military was chomping at the bit to go help and you stood them down. You turned your back on Americans in peril.

If that was your child in Benghazi, or if it was Obama’s children or perhaps his wife or Hillary Clinton you would have moved Heaven and Earth to rescue them. There would have been no concern about lack of intelligence or putting troops in harm’s way, you would have sent everything available to help them.

If Obama happened to have been in that Consulate you would have sent the entire military to save him regardless of cost.

Does not any American citizen deserve the same consideration?

Does not the Ambassador who represents our president deserve it?

You failed in your duty and the honorable thing for you to do is resign.

Then again, if you had any honor help would have been sent to Benghazi.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Leon Panetta Is Out Of Touch”

  1. Blake says:

    Wouldn’t you like to have the chance to slap Leon (among others) snotless? I know I would.