Left Wingers Are in Their Own World

Over at a blog entitled Misoverestimated the guy who runs it is in a real snit. He has called George Bush and those who voted for him everything under the sun. The guy is S. Paine. I could not find a profile so I do not know much about him. He has a demented view of the election. Here is some of the stupidity he spews:

To red-state voters, to the rural voters, residents of small, dying towns, and soulless sprawling exburbs, we say this: F**k (expurgated by Big Dog) off. Your issues are no longer our issues. We’re going to battle our bleeding-heart instincts and ignore pangs of misplaced empathy. We will no longer concern ourselves with a health care crisis that disproportionately impacts rural areas. Instead we will work toward winning health care one blue state at a time.

We officially no longer give a s**t (expurgated by Big Dog) when family farms fail. Fewer family farms equal fewer rural voters. We will, however, continue to support small faggy organic farms, as we are willing to pay more for free-range chicken and beef from non-cannibal cows.

We won’t concern ourselves if red states restrict choice. We’ll just make sure that abortion remains safe and legal in the cities where we live, and the states we control, and when your daughter or sister or mother dies in a botched abortion, we’ll try not to feel too awful about it.

How sad is this person? He chastises the people in the red states for having values. Values, I might add, upon which this country was founded. He seems to be advocating a move where people in “blue” areas of the country separate themselves from “people in the “red” areas of the country. This disillusioned lefty better take a good look at the county by county map. You will see S. Paine, that even the so called blue states had a great deal of red in them. Yes, the blue states had densely populated areas of liberals who voted for Kerry. We call these places the big cities. Look real closely at the map. You will see that the largest portion of New York and California are RED. The greatest amount of land mass voted for Bush. Personally, I would like to see the blue areas seclude themselves. They would rapidly wither and die. For the most part, they do not produce anything and crime is so rampant compared to the areas where “bumpkins” live, they will rapidly kill each other off.

Here are some more gems of wisdom from this S. Paine:

From here on out, we’re glad red-state rubes live in areas where guns are more powerful and more plentiful, cars are larger and faster, and people are fatter and slower and dumber. This is not a recipe for repopulating the Great Plains. And when you look for ways to revive your failing towns and dying rural counties, don’t even think about tourism. Who wants to go to small-town America now? You people scare us. We’ll island-hop from now on, thank you, spending our time and our money in blue cities. If an urbanite is dying to have a country experience, rural Vermont is lovely. Maple syrup, rolling hills, fly-fishing–everything you could want. Country bumpkins in red rural areas who depend on tourists from urban areas but vote Republican can forget our money.

You’ve made your choice, red America, and we urban Americans are going to make a different choice. We are going to make Seattle–and New York, Chicago, and the rest–a great place to live, a progressive place. Again, we’ll quote Ronald Reagan: We will make each of our cities–each and every one–a shining city on a hill. You can have your s**tholes.”(expurgated by Big Dog)

I have to say, this person has a real bad case of PESD (Post Election Stress Disorder). Can you believe how hate filled this is? I live in Maryland which is as blue as it gets. Well, actually, about 18 of 23 counties are red. The heavily populated Baltimore City and DC suburb areas are what makes this a blue state. I live in a small county that is pretty rural. I am well educated, have a good paying professional job, and live in a nice community. I do not consider myself a bumpkin and I do not consider all the people in this county bumpkins. I do not have any dislike for the ones who voted for Kerry. We are all entitled to our own choice when it comes to voting. If Kerry won I doubt you would hear all this bunk from the red states. But this is the lefty liberal way. Cry, cry cry! It is funny that this person talks badly about Bush and the republicans like they are immoral creatures out to destroy the world. I wonder if this person was as outraged when Bill Clinton disgraced the office of President?
I think I am about done with this liberal crybaby. I will finish with this quote from the site:

Sheriff’s deputies were investigating the killing of five hunters Sunday in northwestern Wisconsin, apparently sparked by a hunting dispute that turned violent.

Six dead, even though guns don’t kill people!

Here is a reference to a story about a hunter that shot and killed six people over a dispute. It is a shame that these people were killed. I must remind Paine that the gun did not kill them, the person who use it illegally did. BTW, this happened in Wisconsin, which I think is a blue state. If you lefties in the blue states have it so right, why did this happen? You suppose it was just a bunch of red state bumpkins on vacation or something? Another interesting thing. Look at the electoral map. Everywhere you see blue is where the highest crime rates are. That is where most of the gun crimes occur and the folks there are not generally allowed to own guns. In the red areas where all the bumpkins have guns we see lower crime rates and fewer murders with guns. I also find it interesting this boob talks about how the blue states will preserve abortions while your wives and daughters die from botched abortions, blah, blah, blah. How is it this person decries the murders of the hunters but supports the murders of the unborn babies. Since these murders happened in a blue state I have an idea for the killer. Plead not guilty to murder. Plead guilty to practicing medicine without a license. Tell the judge it was a botched partial birth abortion because you waited too long.

I have to put this person in the same category as Michael Hersh. Check out this web site and I am sure you will find the same nonsense I did. I tried to comment at the site but there does not appear to be a way to leave a message. So, I figured I would call your attention to it.

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