Leave No One Behind

The debate is on about the fate of the phase of the war on terror known as the war in Iraq. The Democrats have called for the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. They have been talking about this for quite some time since Cindy Sheehan and the polls told them how to think. The Republicans called for a vote on that very issue and put the Democrats in a tough position. They will either vote to cut and run or to stay the course. In any event they are sure to anger some voters and put their chances for reelection in jeopardy.

With the symbolic vote, Republicans were hoping to place Democrats in an unappealing position – either supporting a withdrawal that critics said would be precipitous or opposing it and angering voters who want an end to the conflict. They were also hoping the vote could restore GOP momentum on an issue – the war – that has seen plummeting public support in recent weeks.

This has turned into a real brawl and the tempers are flaring. The members of Congress are losing focus on the issue and the left’s hatred for the President is showing. I think the idea of cutting and running has taken the focus away from what the military is trying to accomplish. By leaving we will be declared losers and we will embolden the enemy to increase their attacks and probably do so on our home soil.

I know that we as soldiers have a credo that we never leave one of our own behind. By cutting and running we will be leaving behind the men and women in Iraq who have looked to us as beacons of hope for freedom. We will leave behind the hopes and dreams of men and women who for the first time in their lives have been rescued from the burden of tyranny. We will leave behind the people we made a solemn promise to when we told them we would help make them free.

This is the United States of America and we do not run from difficulty. We do not cut and run when there is trouble, only cowards do that and by doing so we will tell the families of our honored dead that their sacrifice was not worth it. We will tell Osama bin Laden that he was right and America is a paper tiger that lacks the will to fight and win. We will affirm his belief that we can not tolerate seeing our men dead and lack the stomach for tough times.

If we pull out of Iraq we will leave behind those who look to us for hope, strength and courage. We can not leave this job unfinished. The left in America gave this country a black eye by their actions during Vietnam and gave us a decade of disarray until Ronald Reagan was able to build our military into a formidable force once again. The left caused the slaughter of millions of people with their actions pursuant to Vietnam. Will we now allow the same fate to befall those in Iraq who have placed so much trust in our country? A person is only as good as his word and the word of America should be beyond reproach.


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