Land Of The Free? Not On Your Life

The United States is supposed to be the land of the free and I always believed it would remain such as long as it was the home of the brave. Unfortunately, while we have many brave folks the government continues to take our freedom away. The not so brave have folded and allowed this to happen.

The TSA is a gestapo like organization that the government uses to control the people. This organization is supposed to make it safer for us to fly but it has never caught a terrorist and it routinely fails tests where planted dangerous items get through. It has implemented a system where people are xrayed, a violation of our rights. We are all suspects in the eyes of the TSA and our rights are violated daily as they impede our right to travel. The law provides for the screening of passengers for weapons and dangerous items. This is supposed to be a screening and not a molestation.

A little girl was harassed by the TSA when she and her family went through this alleged screening. The girl’s grandmother set off the metal detector and was required to get a secondary screening. The little girl ran up and hugged her grandmother and the brief encounter led to the girl being harassed as a TSA agent claimed that the grandmother passed a gun to the girl.

This led to the the TSA attempting to molest the girl in search of this mythical weapon. The girl refused and the TSA threatened to shut down the airport and stop all flights (something to which I would have replied, go ahead and shut it down). This finally ended when a TSA supervisor allowed the little girl to go through the screening an enter the clean area of the airport.

This has gone too far. The TSA is going to be deployed to public transportation and to keep people from shunning public transportation there are reports that it will be checking people on our roadways. Good luck with that.

There is no need for the people of this country to be molested by the TSA or any other government agency.

To paraphrase Pink Floyd:

Hey, TSA, leave them kids alone (and the rest of us as well)…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Land Of The Free? Not On Your Life”

  1. Blake says:

    This is what you get when you mix government and labor unions- sheer stupidity.
    That is why i quit flying- and if they attempt to take over the highways, I will run them down- they are just wanna-be cops, and therefore fair game.