LA Mayor Has No Testosterone, He Should Call Landis

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa from LA apologized to a Muslim group who said he was taking Israel’s side in the war with Hezbollah. The Mayor showed that he had no testicular fortitude by apologizing. It would be one thing to apologize if one of the sides in this battle were not a terrorist organization. The Mayor sided with the legitimate state, not the terrorists and the Muslims are upset.

If this Mayor had just neglected them and ignored invitations they might have a legitimate concern but the Mayor did not side with terrorists, and up until he apologized, he was on the right track. As soon as he apologized he showed that he was pretty spineless.

Villaraigosa called the meeting after the Muslim leaders held a news conference Friday accusing him of not representing all groups touched by the conflict.

They noted that he attended a July 23 rally by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, at which he condemned Hezbollah guerrilla rocket attacks on Israel, but failed to respond to repeated calls and e-mail invitations to interfaith vigils for people killed on both sides in Lebanon.

Let me set this straight. The only people they should hold vigils for are the Israelis and the Lebanese civilians. The Mayor condemned Hezbollah and that is appropriate. There is no way in hell the Mayor should even consider representing all groups involved. Let me make this clear for the idiots who refuse to either see it or recognize it; HEZBOLLAH IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. That should make it easier for anyone who was having trouble.

Just the fact that the Muslims are demanding that consideration be given to Hezbollah shows me that they continue to support terrorism and terrorist groups. I will go on the record as saying that I have no regard for Hezbollah and I hope every one of the dirty sand sucking scumbags die a horrible and miserable death and I hope just before they die someone rubs a dead pig all over them. The only people affected by this are the Lebanese civilians and the Israelis. Unfortunately for the Lebanese, they are infiltrated with Hezbollah. Until they get rid of the terrorists they are going to get bombed. If they continue to support the terrorists then they deserve what they get.


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