Kos Wants People to Vote Republican

Markos Moulitsas, the Pee Wee Herman looking twit from the Daily Kos has a post up encouraging his drones to vote for Mitt Romney in the Michigan primary. It seems the idiots in the Michigan government have no conception of what a political party is so they allow anyone to vote in any primary regardless of affiliation. Kos asserts (without proof) that Republicans have voted for Democrats in the past in order to embarrass officials or cause some other kind of mischief. This is another of those tin foil hat wearing delusions about Republicans causing all the evil in the world. Democrats and Republicans alike have caused mischief but to Pee Wee only Republicans are the issue.

His directive is for people to vote for Mitt Romney because Kos believes that if Mitt does not win Michigan he is done (and that might be true). Kos wants as many Republicans in the race beating each other up so that the party will be fragmented and spend tons of money. He must be thinking that the Democratic Primary will be over soon and that the winner will be able to sit back and watch the fun. Given the Clintons racist remarks and attitude toward B. Hussein Obama, he might be right (do you suppose Clinton was talking about Kos when he used the word Fairy). Obama might get an early win and then watch the antics on the right.

To Kos, the most important thing is for the Democrats to win. I imagine he would vote for Hitler or bin Laden if they ran as Democrats just to keep Republicans out. In any event, Kos thinks this is a good strategy and that it will help the donks win. Perhaps he is right but I think it would be funny if they all voted for Mitt and that kept him in the race and then he won the primary and general election beating whomever the Democrats run.

I imagine that Kos would commit suicide knowing that he helped Mitt Romney win the Presidency. Now that would be fun to watch on You Tube…

Remember now Kos-asses, vote Republican….

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One Response to “Kos Wants People to Vote Republican”

  1. Robert says:

    BD I wouldn’t put too much time in on this story, all it does is get the Kos Kids more press….Remember in 00, Demorats did the same for John McCain trying to keep GWB from getting the nod. They felt McCain would be an easier opponent for their guy.