Koo Kooky Cho

As anyone know by now the murderer of all the students at Virginia Tech was a kook. He had a history of mental illness and was deemed to be a danger to himself and others. So how does our society handle a person who was diagnosed as a menace? Leave him among the people so that when he snaps he can take a bunch of them with him.

Kooky Cho had enough presence of mind to stop between murders and mail off a package to NBC News. This package contained a written diatribe and a video tape that depicts the rambling nut talking about the deed he was about to commit. The latest reports indicate that NBC News agonized over whether to run this story but I imagine they did not agonize that greatly. They made copies of the documents and then turned them over to police. The question then became, should they air the video? There are some at VT who are extremely upset at NBC for airing the video before the dead have even been buried. There are others who said it was probably too soon but that it should eventually be aired. I don’t care if they air it or not because the TV has an off button and channel changer if you do not want to see it. But, NBC should not try telling us they had any obligation to get it out because it is news. They should not tell us how they have an obligation to report what they get. They have set a precedent in the past.

Was it not NBC that had the interview of Juanita Broaddrick in which she told of her rape by Bill Clinton? Didn’t they hold that for five weeks or so? NBC, should not ever discuss obligations to report the news as it breaks because it has already proved that it is incapable of doing so.

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3 Responses to “Koo Kooky Cho”

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  2. Patsy says:

    I don’t know that I buy that he was mentally ill. That’s academia’s explanation, BD. The past couple of years we’ve had elementary and junior high school students suspended for hugging or kissing one another under the “zero tolerance” policy against sexual harassment in the public schools, 6, 7 and 8 year olds sent home as sexual harassers. Meanwhile a 21 year old VA Tech English Major/Arsonist/Two-Time-Stalker gets referred for counseling instead of being arrested and sent to prison? Do you see anything wrong with this picture? I think VA Tech may have spent too much time consulting their LAWYERS, who discouraged them from taking any risks which might potentially, even remotely, have lead their clients into court. The problem with this tactic that the lawyers of today take is that deranged, evil, madmen like Cho need to be challenged, in court if necessary. And one of Cho’s complaints was his having no power and he hated “rich people” so their chances were pretty good that he had no wherewithal to go to court against them anyway.

    Lawyers, whether they represent you or your opponent, have become the
    ultimate wimps. This guy needed to be challenged, needed to be
    expelled, needed to be prosecuted for setting fire to his dorm and for
    stalking two female students. I’ll bet you anything VA Tech’s lawyers
    have policies in place that won’t allow that to happen and if they were
    consulted about him specifically, the same thing applied. If Cho had
    been “taken on” when his unlawful behavior had first begun, and I DON’T
    MEAN BEING REFERRED FOR PSYCHOANALYTICAL COUNSELING, I mean in a criminal court of law, arson and stalking are still crimes the last time I checked, he’d be in prison right now and 32 innocent people would be alive. And just maybe this asshole wouldn’t have descended into the depths of hell that brought about Monday’s massacre. Bottom line: Save mental health facilities & resources for those who really have mental health problems. Criminals should be in prison, not be referred to
    psychiatrists for treatment. I think Cho proved on Monday what he was — he was a criminal, as evil and violent and dangerous as they come and should have been locked up long ago.

  3. Reporting the news is one thing, but NBC’s airing of that video was all about getting ratings. Poor taste on NBC”s part. A lot of us here in Virginia were personally affected by what happened, and those of us who weren’t personally affected knew of someone who luckily was not in Burris Hall.

    Cho got his posthumous attention and well have “inspired” others. Ugh!