Kirk Douglas Makes Reasonable Birthday Wish

When it comes to Hollywood, there are more liberals than one can shake a stick at. Shake a few bushes and they fall out. When they make a proclamation or come out with some other announcement at an occasion, they are sure to tell us how bad the world is and that it is George Bush’s fault. The audience is also treated to an admonishment of all Republicans in general as well as the “Jesus freaks” out there. Actor Kirk Douglas celebrated his 90th birthday and this is what he had to say to the young generation:

It’s a tradition that when a “birthday boy” stands over his cake he makes a silent wish for his life and then blows out the candles. I have followed that tradition for 89 years but on my 90th birthday, I have decided to rebel. Instead of making a silent wish for myself, I want to make a LOUD wish for THE WORLD.

Let’s face it: THE WORLD IS IN A MESS and you are inheriting it. Generation Y, you are on the cusp. You are the group facing many problems: abject poverty, global warming, genocide, AIDS, and suicide bombers to name a few. These problems exist, and the world is silent. We have done very little to solve these problems. Now, we leave it to you. You have to fix it because the situation is intolerable.

You need to rebel, to speak up, write, vote, and care about people and the world you live in. We live in the best country in the world. I know. My parents were Russian immigrants. America is a country where EVERYONE, regardless of race, creed, or age has a chance. I had that chance. You are the generation that is most impacted and the generation that can make a difference. Yahoo News

He is correct, the world is in a mess. I might not agree with him (actually I don’t) on some of the things he says are problems but he sees them as problems and he asked the young generation (gen Y) to fix them. He did not blame them on any one individual or any one party, he just said we all have left the world a mess and asked them to please clean it up.

Now, there might have been some message buried in the “wish” but I could not find it. He seemed like an old man wishing well for the future and asking the young generation to help make that wish come true.

No one can fault him for that.

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One Response to “Kirk Douglas Makes Reasonable Birthday Wish”

  1. virginia says:

    It is the younger generation that I worry about. Think things are a mess now, we have not seen anything yet. Another popular site for the younger generations space to post, read them and it is very scary. I like Kirk as an actor, but do agree with big dog, I do not agree with all Kirk said.