Kill Him Allegation Unfounded

There have been allegations that John McCain is stoking racism (what is new) and that the rhetoric of him and running mate Sarah Palin have incited hatred in their crowds. Recently it was reported that someone yelled “Kill Him” when Obama’s name was mentioned. I think that issue was in the debate and Obama made a big deal out of the fact that Palin did not say anything to the person who made the comment.

Perhaps that is because the comment was not made. The Secret Service agents who were there as well as an undisclosed number of other law enforcement people, say they never heard it. They have interviewed non law enforcement people who were there and none of them heard it either. Therefore, we have the accusation of ONE person which is refuted by a number of others.

The Secret Service has labeled this accusation unfounded but asks anyone who was there and heard such a thing to contact them. This might not have been a good move. My thought was that if “Kill Him” was shouted it was shouted by a liberal plant in order to help stoke the racism claims made by the left. By asking for people to call them, the Secret Service might just get a ton of calls from moonbats who will claim to have been there and to have heard it.

I will go with the Secret Service on this one. They are trained to listen for this kind of stuff and to take threats seriously. They were there and say that they never heard it so as far as I am concerned, it never happened.

So Senator Obama, there is your answer. Sarah Palin did not say anything because there was no reason to do so.

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