Kill A Veteran, WTF?

Ms Underestimated has a disturbing post up at her site. The post is great and the site is a great one but the disturbing part is the content. It seems that cop socker Cynthia McKinney is hosting some Hip Hop thug fest to help poor disadvantaged youth of color (is that racist for her to discriminate, white is a color). She is enamored with Tupac Shakur and he is regarded by the cop socker as an icon for the yutes of today. Yes, here is a man who was in a gang, made it in music and had all the money in the world but still messed with the gangs. He was shot by a rival gang and he is dead. It is no surprise that McKinney hods this thug in high regard given her less than stellar record. Let me go on the record as saying that I am not sorry Tupac was shot and killed. I hate to see people murdered but he brought this on himself. The only problem with him being dead is that we will never know how many people HE killed. I would not be surprised or sorry if he is rotting in hell where he belongs. Good riddance!

Now, that was not the disturbing stuff. At this Hip Hop thug fest there is an option (an option of life) that reads: “Go to war and kill veterans.” I do not know exactly what this is but no matter what it is not good. The idea that these disadvantaged kids of color will have two choices, prison or killing veterans is not only wrong but it advocates murder of veterans on one hand and espouses the idea that youth of color can not make anything of themselves. This whole idea, of course, is what keeps race baiting poverty pimps like McKinney in business. I really don’t care what kind of racist agenda she pushes and if she believes that the youth of color will end up in jail, fine but I will be damned if she will get away with touting an option of killing veterans. I saw the press release at Ms Underestimated’s site but the release at McKinney’s Congressional site is truncated (how convenient).

I am a veteran and I would like five minutes with McKinney so that she can explain the kill a veteran mess. I would also, if she would like, give her the option to try. Note to Cop socker Cindy, I am not a Capitol Police officer. Warning, this dog bites hard. It is beyond me how the people of Georgia can put this racist pig in Congress. She needs to be washing toilets at the local jail where she can keep an eye on the poor disadvantaged children of color who she claims to support. Cop socker is really just another “my people were slaves 200 years ago and all you ignorant white people owe me and my people for that. You need to stop keeping us down by giving us more social programs and more tax money. We needs it because you have kept us down, oh Lawsy.”

It would do no good to point out that social programs and people like McKinney, Jackson, and Sharpton do not help “their” people. They keep them down by making them a victim class. There are millions of great folks who happen to be black and they can do wonderful work if people like Cop socker would stop telling them how oppressed they are and let them go out and make something of themselves. The young folks will never grow up as responsible adults if the McKinney’s of the world keep excusing bad behavior and blaming all that is wrong on white oppression. But hey, it has worked so far for McKinney. No charges have been filed in her assault on a law enforcement officer and they probably never will. Cop socker Cindy has a whole deck of race cards and she is not afraid to use them.

This is why McKinney was our Jackass of the Month for May. Her picture will be up a few more days. It is not too late to vote for the JOTM for June (in the left hand sidebar).

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UPDATE: The original text. I have been informed that this was changed slightly from “Go to war and kill veterans” to “Go to war and kill? Veterans” It is obvious someone tried to hide the intent. The change makes no sense.

UPDATE 2: Ms Underestimated sent me the before and after pictures of the event flyer. Here is the first and here is the second.

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    What a pice of work this women is .