Kick The Can Down The Road

The budget impasse seems to be nearing an end, at least for now, as an alleged bipartisan agreement has been reached to fund the government for a few months and to raise the debt limit for a few more. Democrats have no sense of fiscal responsibility and Republicans have no spine so we ended up with a deal that allows them to kick the can down the road for a few more months.

The world will sigh with relief as it proclaims that America averted a disaster by not defaulting. Of course this is a false narrative because there is no chance of default. We take in enough money each month to pay the interest on the debt and as long as we pay that we will not default. The reality is they would have to cut from other places and the most likely places, given Obama’s history of deliberately causing harm, would be Social Security and Veteran’s programs. Since the leeches on welfare are threatening to riot if their food stamps are cut off Obama can’t afford to cheese off the base.

The reality of the situation is the Democrats orchestrated the shutdown in order to position themselves to win the House back in 2014. They need to have control for Obama’s last two years so they can inflict maximum damage to the nation. They are pushing us closer and closer to another civil war and they need total control of government to do that.

Republicans, actually some conservatives, took a principled stance to get spending under control and to reign in or eliminate Obamacare. In 2010 Republicans took control of the House based on promises to do everything they possibly could to get rid of Obamacare because it is bad for the nation, was forced on us against a huge majority of people who disliked it then and dislike it now and because it is a violation of our freedom.

When push came to shove many of those Republicans who promised to do everything they could to get rid of Obamacare backed down. They violated the trust the American people placed in them when they promised to do so if we would only elect them. Most of them are spineless cowards who are only concerned with keeping their jobs.

Sure, they took a number of votes to get rid of it but when they had the chance to hold the debt ceiling over the heads of the liberal commies they folded. Liberals will now get what they want and will spend like there is no tomorrow. I predict that they will hit the ceiling again before the next deadline limit but even if we don’t reach that ceiling we will once again be in the same place as before.

Word is out that there is a provision in this newest bill to make it harder to use the debt ceiling to influence policy. It is reported that Congress will have to vote NOT to raise the ceiling and if they don’t it will automatically go up. Keep in mind that this is what they did with their pay raises.

They don’t vote NOT to get one and it is automatic. How many times have they voted not to get a pay raise?

We will now have no limit, no hammer, and no weapon to use to keep the government from out of control spending.

Those who think the world was going to end because we hit some arbitrary ceiling are going to be in for a rude awakening when this nation is no longer able to borrow money to pay the bills. Over 50% of the budget is for social welfare programs and we do not take in enough money to sustain the current rate of spending. The Democrats want to raise taxes to cover the spending and if they gain control of the House they will do just that.

Obama has been a failure. His regime has hastened the demise of this great nation. Plans for a post apocalyptic America need to be replaced with plans for a post Obama America.

If we even have a nation by then.

Soon patriots will need to have a say in all of this. Once government loses control, and it is nearly there now, patriots will step in to fill the void. The veteran march on DC demonstrated that people who risk their lives for this nation are not afraid of a few baton twirling cops. They were not afraid to walk up to the White House and dump Obama’s gates in front of the place.

They will not be afraid to do what is necessary to regain the nation our Founders gave us.

God help us.

We are going to need it.

In the mean time, prepare for another showdown in December, just before the holidays and during the shopping season. Prepare for another intense debate with warnings of dire circumstances and then prepare for the low life members of Congress and the Bozo in the White House to pass some spending bill that does what they all want so they can slap each other on the ass, pour a few drinks and laugh at us.

God bless America.

She needs it now more than ever because the enemy is within.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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