Kerry Would Have Jumped On It

Last week a grenade was thrown at the President while he was in the Former Soviet Republic of Georgia. There were some who said it was a broken grenade. There were conflicting reports at the time about whether it was thrown or found (as pointed out in the post).

At the time the biggest concern was that our President would be killed in a foreign land and we would seek revenge on all the nations with whom we disagree by blaming it on them. I even commented about the apparent suggestion that it would be OK for him to die here just not in another nation but was quickly told that is not what was intended by the not so carefully chosen words.

Turns out that this grenade was thrown and it malfunctioned or it would have detonated and harmed or killed the President as well as those around him. My Way News is reporting that the FBI has determined that it was a live grenade that malfunctioned. This information conflicts with that of the Georgian police who, at the time, said it was a dud left there to cause panic in the crowd. The article also states:

A White House spokesman also said then that Bush, who had visited the ex-Soviet republic to show support for its pro-Western government, had never been in danger.

There was no explanation for the discrepancy between the different versions.

I believe the explanation is that at the time it was believed to be a dud so at the time they said the President had not been in danger.

Now that they have had time to investigate the facts are better established. It was also stated that the grenade was wrapped in a handkerchief and thrown into the crowd which certainly contradicts the left there notion.

It is a dangerous world and there are people who would kill a lot of civilians just to get to the President.

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