Kerry Was for McCain Before He Was Against Him

It is always interesting to see how people act in politics. No matter how principled they claim to be, politicians always seem to sell themselves out for political expediency. Look at the way Hillary and Obambi came together after all the mud slinging and name calling. John Kerry (he was in Vietnam) is no different and we have seen it a number of times. His latest is an assertion that John McCain lacks the judgment to be president.

This is the same John Kerry who wanted McCain to be his running mate in 2004. The vice president needs to be ready to take over for the president in the event the president becomes incapacitated. John Kerry certainly felt that John McCain had the judgment to do just that in 2004.

Kerry claims that McCain has changed in the last four years. While I agree that some of McCain’s positions have changed they do not preclude him from having the judgment to serve as president. John McCain has not changed his positions nearly as much as Kerry or as Obama and yet Kerry felt he had the judgment to be president and he would have us believe that Obama has better judgment than McCain.

John Kerry will say or do anything to ensure Obama wins in November. That is all well and good but perhaps he should look up the meaning of the word integrity and see if he can muster up a little of it. Kerry lacks any ethical principles and demonstrates this by turning on McCain for political gain.

John Kerry was for McCain before he was against him…


Big Dog

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One Response to “Kerry Was for McCain Before He Was Against Him”

  1. Bosun says:

    John “F” Kerry is a man of NO integrity. We are being destroyed from the enemies within. G_d help our country, BD.

    Bosuns last blog post..Russian bombers step up provocative flights – 18 incursions in past year