Kerry Trying to Appeal to Women Voters

John Kerry is out trying to appeal to the women in this country. He has changed his stump speech and tailored it to include women in his dismal view of the Bush presidency.

John Kerry appeal to women? Who came up with this idea? I can’t imagine any woman finding this man appealing. Have you taken a look at him. He looks like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

I know there are those of you who would say that his wife must find him appealing. Perhaps she finds his power as a Senator appealing, afterall this is the SECOND Senator to whom she has been married. I think there are many things she might find appealing about being married to him. He is just not one of them.

I remember that women found Clinton appealing. They said he was sexy. He is not a bad looking guy so they might be justified in that assessment. I am a flaming heterosexual so I am not in a position to determine if he has sex appeal or not, but I can at least understand why he had a certain appeal to them.

Kerry on the other hand is far from good looking. I think he was hit with a bag of nickels. Yet, he is out trying to appeal to the women. Personally, I think Stevie Wonder will find Waldo before women find Kerry appealing.

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