Kerry to Claim Victory No Matter What

John Kerry has a detailed plan to claim victory and start establishing a National Security team NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME OF THE ELECTION IS.

John Kerry and his toadies believe that Al Gore was too quick to concede in 2000 and say they will not make the same mistake. Kerry has “SWAT” teams ready to deploy to battleground states within an hour to begin legal challenges and claim victory.

“Right now, we have 10,000 lawyers out in the battleground states on
Election Day, and that number is growing by the day,” said Michael Whouley, a
Kerry confidant who is running election operations at the Democratic National

While the lawyers litigate, political operatives will try to shape
public perception. Their goal would be to persuade voters that Kerry has the
best claim to the presidency and that Republicans are trying to steal it.

Democrats are already laying the public relations groundwork by
pointing to every possible voting irregularity before the Nov. 2 election and
accusing Republicans of wrongdoing.

The plan seems to be that even if (when) George Bush wins the election Kerry will claim victory. This should show those who are on the fence that he does not care about the wishes of the people. He only cares about his own desire to become president. It should also make those who support him stop and think if these actions mirror how you want things to run. If you want a win no matter what man who will ignore the electorate then Kerry is your man. I believe Kerry supporters should question these actions and take a hard look at who they support.

As I have been saying. Bush supporters need to get out in force and vote. If we win big it negates their plan. They know this! You will not see them trying this in states where Bush is expected to win handily because they know the arguments would not hold water.

Get out and vote. If we win big in the close states his plan becomes an exercise in futility.

Read the entire story HERE.

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