Kerry, The Elmer Fudd of Politics

Perhaps you noticed that John Kerry went hunting today. In an effort to appeal to conservatives, gun owners, and moderate democrats, John Kerry went out to kill a duck or goose. He returned from the woods with someone else carrying a dead bird. The big hunter is even a snob in the woods, the help had to carry his baggage.

Interesting to note is that reporters were not allowed to go in and none of them heard gunshots prior to the band of brothers returning from the kill. I know John Kerry said he has been an avid hunter and that he likes to get out with his friends and whack a few game animals but I have a hard time believing this guy is a seasoned hunter when he was out in a new hunting jacket. Wouldn’t a guy who hunts regularly already have one of those?

I also find it interesting that a man who has opposed gun ownership all of his political career is now an avid hunter. Either he is an elitist snob who believes he is entitled to do these things and the general population is not or he is not really a hunter and is pandering. I believe it is a combination of the two. He is an elitist snob who is pretending to be a hunter to pander to those who really are.

John Kerry has opposed gun ownership. I selected this item to illustrate two points, you can read all of the items —–>Here.

FACT: Kerry has voted to allow BATF to conduct unlimited warrantless inspections of FFL holders. Vote No. 140, July 9, 1985

This is from the NRA and there are many items detailing Kerry’s votes against gun ownership. This one is particularly interesting because it contradicts Kerry’s position on the Patriot Act. Kerry’s position on the Patriot Act (his current position) is that it takes away rights and we do not need people’s houses entered in the middle of the night by the government. Kerry however, has voted to take away the rights of anyone with a Federal Firearms License. He voted to allow unlimited warrantless inspections! This from the man whose current position on the Patriot Act is that it is a violation of our rights. It is interesting that John Kerry will take away the rights of gun owners but does not want us to use the Patriot Act to fight the war on terror. John Kerry is not a good leader. He is a man who would pander to any crowd if he thought he could win.

If John Kerry wins this election you can be sure he made a deal with Satan and we will be the price he paid for the win.

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