Kerry Still Does Not Get It

On Meet the Press last week, failed presidential candidate John Kerry had this to say about the elections in Iraq:

“(I)t’s hard to say that something is legitimate when a whole portion of the country can’t vote and doesn’t vote.”

I would like to know where he got this idea that a portion of the country can’t vote. I know there was a portion that did not vote but that was a personal choice influenced by their cleric leaders. The Sunnis boycotted the elections. They are the minority group that has been ruling under Saddam Hussein. They are worried that they will no longer be in power. So we have John Kerry pulling the left’s biggest whine; people were disenfranchised.

Kerry, as you will recall, was among other democratic leaders (if there is such a thing) who said the elections would not take place. They claimed it was too risky, too violent, and the country would not be ready. Now that this has been disproven they have to jump in with the “people could not vote” mantra for which they are so well known. Kennedy, after an all night bender, stated that “we had to look past the election.” Perhaps that is because the right actually looked forward to the election and, just as President Bush said, it went off and did so very well.

The left is in a downward spiral. They are part of the hate America crowd and continually blames the US for all that is wrong in the world. Kerry had it wrong during the campaign and the voters responded. The rest of the mindless robots, Kennedy, Boxer, Pelosi, Reid, and others, are now in the crowd saying “well, we knew this election was not going to happen, but now that it did, it was a farce.”

People in Iraq, just as in America, decided not to vote. They were free to exercise that option but decided not to do so. It does not make the election a farce. In fact, it was a show of democracy. You see, in a true democracy, you even have the right not to vote, if you so desire.

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2 Responses to “Kerry Still Does Not Get It”

  1. Adam says:

    I mostly agree with you about the elections. I don’t like this statement though: “So we have John Kerry pulling the left’s biggest whine; people were disenfranchised.”

    That’s the left’s biggest whine? You’re using the right’s best defense against everything: say it doesn’t exist. You can’t see through your own disdain for people like Moore, Boxer, and Jessie Jackson, so you just list all these things as a joke. People were disenfranchised in America, no matter who you don’t like.

  2. Big Dog says:

    I am not ignoring any problems. I think there were problems, look at Washington state. Disenfranchise means to deny the right to vote. I can see no concerted effort to deny anyone. There were indeed problems, on both sides. Republicans had troubles in heavily democratic voting areas like Chicago.
    The fact remains that there were not enough problems to overturn the election. I think there is no denying that Kerry stepped in it with regard to this one.
    I appreciate your views though. I always welcome any opinion!