Kerry Sets world Record for Flip-Flops!

John Kerry was asked by a person at the debate about being wishy-washy. The question was from a person named Cheryl Otis and these are her exact words:

OTIS: Senator Kerry, after talking with several co-workers and family and friends, I asked the ones who said they were not voting for you, “Why?” They said that you were too wishy-washy.

Kerry answered that the president did not find weapons in Iraq so he has changed his focus to deception. He stated that he has remained consistent on several items the republicans say he has changed on. He wanted us to believe that he was not a flip-flopper and that he has remained consistent on everything INCLUDING Iraq. This is an important statement.
President Bush replied that the reason her friends think he changes positions all the time is because he does. The president gave a few examples of when Kerry has changed his opinion.

In the first debate and at all his stump speeches Kerry has stated he is not a flip flopper and has one consistent position.
I find it amazing that he had an inconsistent position during the debate about something he said in the debate. In other words, he flip-flopped during the same debate in which he stated he is not wishy-washy and is consistent.

A Kerry response from early in the debate:

Well, let me tell you straight up: I’ve never changed my mind about Iraq. I do believe Saddam Hussein was a threat. I always believed he was a threat. Believed it in 1998 when Clinton was president. I wanted to give Clinton the power to use force if necessary.

And a Kerry response from later in the debate:

And what’s interesting is, it’s a threat that has grown while the president has been preoccupied with Iraq, where there wasn’t a threat.

Maybe it is just me but this has got to be a Kerry world record for flip-flopping. He said at the beginning he was consistent and not wishy-washy then said Hussein was a threat then said he wasn’t. Unless Hussein moved from Iraq the second statement contradicts the first. This is why people say John Kerry is a flip-flopper. And the most amazing thing is that Kerry will look you in the eye and say he has been consistent and is not a flip-flopper.

To paraphrase John Kerry,

I am beginning to believe that John Kerry is the only person left on the face of the Earth who thinks he is not a flip-flopper.

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