Kerry Gets Terrorist’s Support

John Kerry told us he would get world leaders behind him. Well it has happened and this one is a biggie. Yasser Arafat, Palestinian terrorist extraordinaire , has thrown his support behind John Kerry. Arafat stated he wants Kerry because he is tired of Bush’s policies.

Imagine that! The policies against terrorism have upset a terrorist. The President told us after 9/11 that we would go after the terrorists and guess what? They don’t like it.

Why did Arafat endorse Kerry? Because he knows Kerry is weak when it comes to protecting our Country. They all know that a John Kerry presidency would give them free reign to cause havoc, destruction, and mass murder in the name of their cause.

This should be a telling sign. When the terrorists support a candidate for president, this is the person WE DO NOT WANT IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

Read the entire story here.

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