Kerry Does 180 on 180

To do a 180 means that a person has done an about face or changed an opinion in the exact opposite of the original opinion. John Kerry is a master of the 180. This trait was referred to as flip-flopping during the last election. What people were doing was indicating that John Kerry had done another 180. We know he voted for the money before he voted against it. We know he was in the war (in Vietnam) then against the war then a war hero. He said he and his fellow soldiers would never belong to the service organizations but he is a member of a VFW. John Kerry is a talented debater and that is probably because he has taken both sides of about every issue.

The only 180 John Kerry refuses to execute is the SF 180, a form that would allow the release of his military records. These are the same records he reported had been totally released only to be embarrassed when it was discovered that portions of the record were selectively released. John Kerry made a promise to the American people that he would release those records by signing the SF 180. He has yet to do so and it looks like he never will. What could be so horrible about his records that he does not want the public to see them? I have long speculated that Kerry received a Dishonorable Discharge for his actions as a war protester while still serving in the Naval reserve. This would explain why his discharge was reviewed in the late 1970s and amended in accordance with the directive of then President Carter. That directive gave draft dodgers and others opposed to the war a clean bill. It allowed Dishonorable Discharges to be changed to another category. John Kerry the “war hero” probably does not want people to know that he had a Dishonorable Discharge.

The problem is that by refusing to release his record he fuels speculation and dishonors himself even more. The American public is very forgiving and though I could not excuse the actions he took as a protester, I am sure most people would have looked at a full and honest disclosure as a good faith act by a man much more mature than when he was a protester. Instead he perpetrates fraud by parading around as a war hero when his actions, and quite probably his records, tell us otherwise.

John, it is time for you to come clean. I know that you learned a lot about covering things up from your friend Teddy and you can see that his cover up of murder has given him a long and, well long career in the Senate. You can keep your records sealed if your only desire is to remain a Senator forever like Uncle Teddy. But I will say this, you two have something else in common. He ran for the Presidency and was unsuccessful. I am sure that you will never be the president of our great country but one thing is certain, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in a very hot place without first coming clean.


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