Kerry Criticizes Limbaugh Over Troop Remark, Is This a Joke?

Rush Limbaugh has been the talk of news this week because he called a phony soldier a phony. The left, in an attempt to have its own MoveOn moment, pounced on Limbaugh’s words and have been distorting the truth all week. There are many people who have an opinion about this and most are certainly entitled but it strikes me as odd that those who claim to support the troops but don’t hurl mud at a guy who actually does support the troops. People are entitled to think as they wish but one man who is not allowed to chime in on this is Senator John Kerry. Before I get to him though, let me address Wesley Clark’s demand that Limbaugh be taken off Armed Forces Radio. Listen up general, the troops asked for Limbaugh. When surveyed he is chosen overwhelmingly so let us let them decide. AFR can ask the troops and if they want him gone then fine and if they want him to stay that is fine too. Since you were a politician and not an officer, let me explain it. As leaders we are supposed to look out for our soldiers. It is not up to you to decide who they get to listen to based on your political agenda. The troops are not politicians and you should be ashamed of yourself trying to use them as pawns in your political game. Leave them alone and let them listen to real leaders.

On to Kerry. John Kerry was indignant. He was beside himself over the remarks that Limbaugh made. Of course, Kerry is sticking to the erred Democratic take on Limbaugh but that is what drones are supposed to do. John Kerry said this:

“This disgusting attack from Rush Limbaugh, cheerleader for the chicken-hawk wing of the far Right, is an insult to American troops. In a single moment on his show, Limbaugh managed to question the patriotism of men and women in uniform who have put their lives on the line and many who died for his right to sit safely in his air conditioned studio peddling hate.” —Sen. John “phony soldier” Kerry, on Rush’s comments condemning another phony soldier for lying about serving in Iraq Federalist Patriot

I want to clear a few things up with you John. I like Limbaugh and so do many of our fighting men and women so when you refer to Limbaugh as a cheerleader for the chicken-hawk wing you are really calling those of us serving and who have served chicken-hawks if we happen to like Limbaugh. I would also point out that the military voted overwhelmingly for George Bush in the last election and they have asked that Limbaugh’s program be on Armed Forces Radio. This means that they preferred Bush and Limbaugh to you so perhaps you should stop with the attacks.

Not to mention that you are the dumb ass who said that our troops terrorized Iraqi women and children. You are the dumb ass who said that our soldiers were not educated. You excused this as a botched joke and I conceded at the time that you might have meant it differently. How dare you deliberately distort what Limbaugh said for political gain after your history of disrespect to members of the armed forces. You, Senator Jack Ass, were the one who came home from Vietnam and called our troops murderers and rapists. You were the one who dishonored them by lying about them in order to launch your political career. You Senator Dip Stick have no standing with regard to the Limbaugh issue. You are nothing more than a worthless POS who wastes perfectly good oxygen every time you inspire (that is breathe in because you are certainly not an inspiring person). I commend you for your service but it is too bad you did not receive those Purple Hearts posthumously. America would be a better place.

I remember the week long media blitz just prior to the last election with every person excusing your comments and telling us all it was a botched joke. I saw how the troops in Iraq responded to your deliberate smear and I saw how you have not lost your hate of the military. You can claim you support them but actions speak louder than words and your actions have nothing to do with support. You are a sleazy, self centered, egotistical, sorry excuse for a human being and you are an even sorrier excuse for a Senator.

You sir, are a hypocrite.

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “Kerry Criticizes Limbaugh Over Troop Remark, Is This a Joke?”

  1. Rosemary says:

    You’ve got that right on all points. How dare he!

    PS. I’ve always admired your sites. I even would like one for myself, but I don’t think wp has one. I’d like to keep my picture, though. ;)

  2. John Miska says:

    Man I see you really like John Kerry about as much as I do. I still am looking fo that Phony to sign an SF-180 so we can see his true Military record….gee why is it all his records are signed and dated well after his seperation from service by the way.
    What about all those Phony fake Vietnam Vets in his Winter soldier hearings????HMMMM
    Give em hell!
    By the way anybody in the DC area needs to go to brunch with our wounded any second or 4th Sunday
    Big Dog will tell ya where to find us LOL

  3. Nice posting!

    I especially like the reminder of Kerry’s denigration of the troops as uneducated. You’d have thought he’d keep his mouth shut. “Reporting for duty”…give me a break!

  4. Steve Dennis says:

    Great post. This man is an ASS. Massachusetts deserves him.

  5. irtexas44 says:


    I wonder why the drone didn’t mention that Jesse MacBeth’s real name is Jesse Al-Zaid? (As per Rush’s newsletter today) I guess it was just one of those little things that slipped his mind. Well no, that can’t be right, he doesn’t have a mind. He’s got bubble wrap stuffed in there in that big long thing he calls a head. I loved the pictures of him in Iraq sitting by himself in the mess. I wouldn’t have let him in, I would have moved his table outside.

    I still don’t know why all of the dimwits that should be investigated are being investigated? I wonder how much of the Beast’s 3Q will come in as coming from her felon friends? I can only hope they all rot in hell.

  6. irtexas44 says:


    I guess it slipped the drone’s mind that Jesse MacBeth’s real name is Jesse Al-Zaid (as per Rush’s newsletter today). Wait that can’t be right, he doesn’t have a mind, he has bubble wrap stuffed in the long big ugly thing he calls a head.

    I loved the pictures of him sitting alone in the mess. I would have moved his table outside. I would have told him that there was no room in this inn for him.

    What a bunch of disgusting scum suckers.