Kerry And The Saga Of The SF 180

John Kerry is in the news again telling Americans that US Soldiers should not be terrorists. He said the Iraqis should be handling that job. He has been telling America and the world how George Bush lied to send us to war. He ignores the fact that he and every other person shared the same intelligence reports and continues to beat the Democratic drum of Bush Lied and People Died. His words and actions are once again helping the enemy. Hussein said at his trial that Americans know their leadership lied to them. It is rather amazing that Kerry would accuse the President of lying to the American public when it is in fact John Kerry who lied to America.

On national TV, John Kerry told America he would sign the SF 180 to allow his military records to be released without restriction. That was nearly a year ago and he has yet to fulfill that promise. John Kerry has lied to America on a number of occasions but this one sticks out because it was after the election. One would assume that Kerry would come clean as a matter of principle.

John Kerry has shown he has no principles and that he will say anything to pacify the moment. It is time for Kerry to fulfill his promise to release his military records with no strings attached. It is also time for him to shut his mouth with regard to the whole lied us to war mantra. John Kerry is an elitist hypocrite and shames himself and the Democratic party every time he opens his mouth.

John, your promise is seared, seared in to our memories. We want you to fulfill your promise or we will keep up this unrelenting attack in manner reminiscent of “JEN-JIS” Kahn. We will not let you forget your promise and we will not let America forget it either.

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