Kennedy Pleads Guilty

Congressman Patrick Kennedy, the shallow gene pool by-product of Teddy the Boozer Kennedy plead guilty to driving under the influence of medication and two other charges were dropped as part of his plea. The real charge should have been driving under the influence of alcohol and he should have been slapped with all the nice things they give the average citizen for a DUI. Instead, he will pay a fine, get paid by the Congress while he attends rehab (which he has actually completed) and he will move on unscathed much like his daddy did.

I know people who have been stopped for DUI and they did not get the special treatment Kennedy did. I know one guy who has been fighting with the incompetent morons at the Maryland MVA for five years and he is still getting screwed by the idiots there. Kennedy, got a token punishment and if he were any other citizen he would have been arrested when it happened and he would have been given so many conditions of probation that it would be crippling. But Kennedys are like royalty in this country (more like a royal pain in the a$$).

Here is an interesting item from the article about the deal:

“As congressman Kennedy has said all along, he will take full responsibility for his actions and that is what he is doing today,” Kennedy’s chief of staff, Sean Richardson, said Tuesday.

He will accept full responsibility just like his daddy did. The reality of it is, this man was drunk (witnesses placed him at a bar drinking despite his denials) and he drove a car. He had an accident and then he tried to avoid trouble by claiming he was on his way to a vote so he could not be interfered with (in accordance with the Constitution). He was given special treatment by the police who took him home and put him to bed. They probably gave him a bath and put his jammies on for him as well. The very next day he claims not to remember it but recounts it completely and then he admits to a drug problem and runs off to rehab before an investigation can take place. He fled the scene just like his papa.

This somehow, in the Kennedy world, is accepting full responsibility. By copping the plea to drugs rather than alcohol Kennedy will not be given a court order not to drink. He will be free to roam around the bars of DC once again. I just hope the next time he drinks and drives the accident does not involve my family. I can promise that if this were to happen, he would not make it to the House to vote and daddy’s tricks could not keep him from the wrath of Dog. Patrick would become the next Kennedy curse.

Ever wonder how these Kennedys became lawyers? They can never seem to pass a bar….

Source: Yahoo News

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One Response to “Kennedy Pleads Guilty”

  1. Rep. Patrick Kennedy PLEADS GUILTY…

    Democrat Patrick Kennedy pleads guilty to DUI. Guilty, of course he is guilty!!! Time to face the music. I guess too many witnesses…..more to come….