Kender has a Plan

My friend Kender over at Kendeer’s musings has a plan to rid the country of liberals and their failed policies. It is quite radical and might not pan out for a while and it will certainly be painful in the end.

But it might just work…

You can check it out here. WARNING: This is not for the weak.

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Kender has a Plan”

  1. irtexas44 says:

    I liked this one. Wouldn’t the dimwit’s just go over the deep end? It sure would be fun to watch.

    Have you checked out the Corruption Chronicles lately? There is an article about the wimpy whinny Reid. It will be good to see him spin.

  2. Big Dog,

    I liked it but according to Great Grandpa Grizzly:

    Today, socialism is bigger, more prevalent and better funded having infested almost every institution we hold dear including our churches. Great-Grandpa Grizzly’s closing words of this document are very true even today. If you look back on how our family farmers were destroyed and now the taxpayer is threatened almost to the brink of revolt, these words seem almost prophetic, “I could write a book on this one subject alone (if only you did Great-Grandpa Grizzly!) That would be very interesting to see how these imported Scalists (socialists) could come and organize the Farmers and I.W.W.’s to gather and organization that would destroy the Farmers first, and then all other taxpayers, and to this day there is lots of Farmers just as blind as ever.” –E. W. Everson
    Today, you could add taxpayers to that list of people “just as bind as ever.” I was “just as blind as ever” until Great-Grandpa Grizzly called out from his grave or deep inside my DNA. Thank God my Grizzly Awoke!

    I liked how he is thinking outside the box though and I had to offer a place for them at the Grizzly Groundswell!


    ~Teddy Bear

  3. Billy Joe says:

    Kender really outdid himself this time. I bet he spent at least 180 seconds devising this brilliant plan. I can’t wait to see how you guys ‘hide’ your houses and survive the audit when the IRS realizes you’re simply evading taxes. Since most people don’t know how to ‘hide’ their assets, Kender should post step-by-step instructions on how to do so and not get caught. If he actually knows how to do it, that is.

    You’ll have to let us know how it works out. If this is more than just bluster, that is. My experience with Kender is that his ‘ideas’ are mostly just ill-conceived rubbish.