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The editor in chief of the Washington Times wrote an interesting piece and it is full of information that, unfortunately, does not usually make it on our TV screens. This piece by Mr. Wesley Pruden discusses the blame game and the idea of race and how it does (or more appropriately does not) fit into the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. This is from the end of the piece:

Condi Rice went to the scene to say what everyone can see for himself, that no one but the race hustlers imagine Americans of any hue attaching strings to the humanitarian aid pouring into the broken and bruised cities of the Gulf. Most of the suffering faces in the flickering television images are black, true enough, and most of the helping hands are white.
Black and white churches of all denominations across a wide swath of the South stretching from Texas across Arkansas and Louisiana into Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia turned their Sunday schools into kitchens and dormitories. In Memphis, Junior Leaguers turned out for baby-sitting duty at the city’s largest, most fashionable and nearly all white Baptist church, cradling tiny black infants in compassionate arms so their mothers could finally sleep. The owner of a honky-tonk showed up to ask whether the church would “accept money from a bar.” A pastor took $1,400, some of it in quarters, dimes and nickels, with grateful thanks and a promise to see that it is spent wisely on the deserving — most of whom are black.
The first polls, no surprise, show the libels are not working. A Washington Post-ABC survey found that the president is not seen as the villain the nutcake left is trying to make him out to be. Americans, skeptical as ever, are believing their own eyes.

I think that he makes a good case and though I agree with President Bush, and God help me, former President Clinton, that things need to be looked at, but after we have handled the crisis. I also think that if something is said enough times people start to believe it. Given that, it is important that real observations and the truth be reported as often as possible to prevent lies from becoming accepted as reality.

His piece is here.

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