Keep Government Out Of Your Home

People are free to use their homes for anything they desire so long as what they are doing is legal. Once law enforcement is aware of illegal activities then it is obligated to act. However, people are free to do anything in their own homes.

People can host Tupperware parties, scout meetings, Thanksgiving dinner, football parties, pool parties, wakes, bachelor parties, wedding receptions, Amway sales meetings, Homeowner’s Association meetings, socials and birthday parties.

Apparently, one can do all these in his home and have no problem (unless the activity disturbs the peace) but one thing that cannot be done, at least in Gilbert Arizona, is for church groups to meet in a private home. In Gilbert, members of the local church host Bible Study meetings in their homes on a rotating basis.

Those meetings have been put on hold as the legal system works out the process of what authority the town has to decide what legal things people can do in their own homes.

Good luck with that. People can do whatever they want in their homes including worshiping, holding Bible studies, and dying Easter Eggs and there is not a thing the government can do about it.

It is amazing that people are told what they can and cannot do in their own homes, the homes they are buying and paying for, and yet we as a society can’t tell people living in public housing to mow their own grass.

It is also a sure bet that if a group of Muslims were having meetings at a home they would not be bothered and if they were CAIR would be screaming about discrimination. After all, they have the right to build bomb vests in their own home and no one has the right to deny them that religious practice.

The folks in Gilbert AZ need to stand up to this and tell government to back off. What goes on in the home is none of government’s business.

Government is out of control…


Big Dog


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17 Responses to “Keep Government Out Of Your Home”

  1. Darrel says:

    Oh for pity sake, it’s a parking/permit/zoning issue.

    • victoria says:

      Leave it to you to care about the law when it comes to this and not see any possible over-stepping or misuse but when it comes to the constitution and constitutional law and Congress well that is another story indeed.

    • Darrel says:

      If this were anything other than a parking/permit/zoning issue the ACLU would be using my money to be all over this. But because it has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or the constitution, they won’t.

      Want to have a church and all of the parking congestion that goes along with it? Get a permit.


    • Liberty Card says:

      Then all the gov’t needs to do is ticket the offending cars. Not ban the activity that causes the viulation, lest they are prepared to control EVERY activity that goes on in a home.


  2. Those folks should post armed guards instructed to ask any gendarme who might appear: “Do you have a warrant?” If the answer is No, level the rifles and say (politely): “Come back when you have one.”

    • Darrel says:

      Better: when these pious lawbreakers run afoul of local zoning laws enacted by their very own elected representatives, tow and impound the cars.

      Talk about a made up, farcical, issue.

  3. Barbara says:

    Some years back, we had a family in Anne Arundel County that was holding bible studies in their home. Some neighbors complained and the government shut them down. I guarantee that if that family had been Muslim they wouldn’t have been shut down. If this country goes socialistic, there will come the day that the government will have a government run church and christians will be persecuted for having services in their homes. I’m sure the aetheist will love this.

  4. Big Dog says:

    So when people are parking for the scouts or football then it is not an issue but when meeting for Bible study it is?

  5. IlovetheUSA says:

    Nobody should have to have a permit to use their home for anything.
    Geez people!
    Stop bending over for the government!
    Soon you are going to allow them to use your home for whatever they see fit.

  6. IlovetheUSA says:

    And why is it that liberals see nothing wrong with allowing muslims to practice their hate, but it’s wrong to meet for bible study?
    I don’t understand the logic in that at all!

  7. Darrel says:

    Apparently this is a favorite pet issue of WND. Since these sort of ordinance/zoning issues pop up rather regularly they like to jump on these and get the Christians all stirred up. Brings back the old martyr memories from 2,000 years ago.

    Then they stick this ad in the middle of their “news” report:

    “Remind the world who’s really in charge with the “Worship GOD, not GOV” magnetic bumper sticker from WND.”

    I looked at several of these stories and they all read very much the same. Here is a different incident but with similar with circumstances and typical results:

    “The county is not saying don’t pray at home, what the county is saying is be a good neighbor” said Chandra L. Wallar, who serves as general manager of San Diego County’s Land Use and Environment Group.

    Wallar said the county received a complaint regarding parking, and they were obligated to investigate.

    The complaint alleged that “cars were blocking access for themselves and for public safety” said Wallar. “The staff believed there were traffic issues…There were violations, principally due to the parking, and it appeared the use of the property was a religious assembly.”

    Wallar believes there is a “miscommunication” here; often, she said, people who are cited for the first time take it “personally”. “They focused on the ‘use’ because they really didn’t understand our process.”

    She wants to work with the Jones family on solutions to the parking problems including carpooling, parking down the street, or having bible study members rotate their homes.

    “I want to say in the most direct terms: the County has never tried to stifle religious expression and never will,” said County CAO Ekard.

    Major use permits are often given to churches, synagogues and other places of gathering. They take into account traffic concerns, engineering issues, architecture considerations and more. The main purpose is to assess the feasibility of large gatherings occurring at a particular location.”

    Bible Group gets apology from County.

    • Big Dog says:

      The story specifically states that the people were not allowed to gather at the homes.

      If parking is the issue (as it would be with a Superbowl party) then issue parking citations. You cannot tell people they may not gather in a home just because the parking is a problem. Handle the parking problem.

      And the people indicated they rotate.

      If parking is the issue then say so and be done with it by issuing parking tickets or warnings. I am glad I live on a private street and have decent neighbors.

    • Big Dog says:

      And stick with the Arizona story not the one from San Diego

    • victoria says:

      Per the study in Arizona article:
      There had been no complaints about the meetings, which had been rotating among members’ homes before the officer wrote the letter and ordered the group to “terminate all religious meetings … regardless of their size, nature or frequency,” because he noticed signs about the meetings.

  8. Darrel says:

    I think we’ve got some Christians trying live out the “Left Behind” plot they read in a book.

    When they start persecuting the Christians, then Jesus will come back.

    It’s an overly strict zoning law, easily fixed:

    “Under the code if you meet once, with more than two people, and it is a religious gathering then it is a violation of the code,” said David Napier of the Alliance Defense Fund…

    Fortunately, the Alliance Legal Defense Fund has stepped to the plate in defense of common sense. They are joining in the effort to have the unjust zoning law repealed. Vice Mayor Linda Abbott has expressed her opposition to the zoning law, expressing the opinion that it will probably be repealed. The town council of Abbott will vote on a motion to repeal the law on March 23rd.”