Katrina Rears Its Ugly Head Again

I was listening to the radio earlier today and the talk show was discussing Michael Steele and his recent remarks. I might address that issue at a later date. During the show, a liberal host (who was paired with a conservative) said that he thought that Steele was having a hard time figuring if he wanted to be a Republican or a Democrat. He then said something about the terrible response to Katrina. A caller also said that the Katrina response was terrible, like Steele said, and that the issue would be raised during the campaign. What Steele said was the government response to Katrina was not good. I think he meant all government but you would not know that by the way the left portrays it. I am going to try and make this easy.

Suppose you live in a community that has a hospital, a 9/11 center and an emergency ambulance. Now, during an emergency the call comes into the 9/11 center and they dispatch the ambulance. The hospital monitors the dispatch and prepares to receive victims. The hospital does not pack its stuff and head right out to the emergency area. Most major hospitals, however, have a go team that can deploy to the scene if more advanced medical care is needed but they do not go unless called. In the event that a triage and treatment is needed it is possible for that to happen especially in the event of chemical and biological exposure where decon is needed. Everyone has a role. If the dispatch center does not sent out the right level of care or if they wait to dispatch, things go bad. If the EMS crew is not trained or does not provide adequate care or if they are unfamiliar with the route to the scene then things can go bad. If the hospital is unprepared to receive and treat the patient and provide instructions to the field, things can go bad.

Now, FEMA is the hospital, Governor Blanco is the 9/11 Center, and Ray Nagin is the Emergency Medical Services. The 9/11 center (Blanco) failed to properly dispatch the appropriate items needed for emergency and did not maintain control of the situation. The EMS (Nagin) had no idea what the proper route was and did not understand the scope of the emergency. This was, in part, because the 9/11 center was falling apart. The hospital (FEMA) had go teams ready but they take time to deploy so they wanted a lot of advance notice. That notice did not come until the 9/11 center and the EMS had collapsed. The hospital is not a first responder. It is a follow on asset that provides from a fixed location (or a location that they move to and set up a fixed shop).

Now, the liberals can bring up Katrina and they can claim it was based on racism. I do not agree and I am going to let everyone in on a secret: NOT EVERYTHING THAT INVOLVES BAD THINGS HAPPENING TO BLACK PEOPLE (OR OTHER MINORITIES) IS RACISM. I know that is a hard thing to be told. It is like finding out that Santa Claus does not exist but I thought you were all old enough to know this. It is not racism when a black woman hits a white cop, it is not racism when an unruly black star on an airplane is removed, and it is not racism when the federal government can not be a first responder to a natural (or any other ) disaster. It is also not racism when a higher percentage of white people die in that incident.

So I would hope that the moonbats would refrain from using this episode to attack the right. It might backfire when they have all the BS pointed out to them. Imagine counter commercials showing Blanco crying and Nagin acting a fool. It would show that the place did not have real leaders and that those non-leaders were DEMOCRATS.

I really hope this clears things up and we can move on. I bet not, given that moonbats will say and do anything to get elected, we know they will be slinging the Katrina mud.

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