Karma Is A Female Dog

Or maybe it is just that things come back to bite people in their behinds. A long time ago (2004) some guy who goes by the name of Skinny Suge made a video entitled Stop Snitchin’. Basically, the video was a tutorial (warning) to people who snitch.

Skinny wanted people to know not to talk to the police and to keep any information they had about crime to themselves. The video threatened violence against people who might be inclined to inform the police of wrong doing. There is no telling how many crimes have gone unsolved because people who know what happened refuse to say anything because of the video and the fear of retaliation.

Skinny (aka, Rodney (or Ronnie) Thomas), who spent some time in prison for assault, has evidently had a change of heart.

You see, his son was murdered and he wants anyone with information to come forward and tell the police.

So let me see, the guy who made a video threatening violence to informants wants people to now inform because the victim of a crime was his son.

The death of a child is horrible and I feel sorry for the family. I truly hope the police catch the murderer(s) and put them away.

But how many crimes involving the death of other people’s children have gone unsolved because of Skinny and his video threats?

Seems to me this is Karma coming back to bite Skinny in his behind. Who could blame people for refusing to say anything? Even if they are not afraid they might just keep quiet on principle.

Who could blame them when Skinny made it clear that this is what they should do?

If people follow his previous instructions it appears Skinny could be attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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