Kanye West Loses Because He is Black?

Kanye West was a big loser again this year at the Video Music Awards and Kanye, being the spoiled, sore loser that he is, showed his disgust by vowing to never return to MTV. Of course, Kanye could not resist throwing a little insinuation that he lost because he is black when he said; “That’s two years in a row, man … give a black man a chance.”

As far as I am concerned West has received a lot of chance in this great country. He sings song and gets paid for it and while I will not say that he is paid or nominated because he is black I will say that I don’t think he has much talent. I don’t care for his music but some people do and that is fine. The fact remains that more people liked someone else’s music so he did not win.

I realize that Kanye is basically making excuses and trying to find a way to blame his losses on some force that has it out for black people. In Kanye’s world that person is probably George W. Bush, who Kanye said hated black people while on national television pleading for donations to help victims of Katrina. I don’t know who votes on these awards but I am willing to go out on a limb here and state that George Bush does not vote and has no say in the winners.

However, there are people who vote on these things and they are either the listening consumers or the artists themselves. In either event, the people who voted did not like Kanye’s music as much as they liked someone else’s and that, in Knaye’s eyes, must be people not giving a black man a chance.

I personally love watching this self absorbed twit anguish over his failure. I love watching this guy whine because people do not think he is as talented as he believes himself to be and I love to hear him blame his failures on some anonymous being that will not give him a a chance because he is black.

I hope he never wins. Not because I follow his music or the VMAs but because I love watching him get all upset about his failure. One would think that being successful and earning a lot of money would be enough for this pinhead but sadly, he needs little statues to make him feel good.

As I stated, I don’t know who votes on these things but whoever you are thank you and keep up the good work.

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One Response to “Kanye West Loses Because He is Black?”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    I think that good ol Kanye left out the part of his bio that he is a racist, no talent, biggoted fool. I have only heard his music on news clips. I would not waste my time on the crap he puts out.

    I have to laugh when one of these no talent rappers come on news show and says that their music and what they said has always been in the history of rap? One news guy asked how long was the history? The rapper said since it started in 1978? News man just looked at him said “I have ties older than that.” I’ve got jeans older than that. For the most part I’m just glad that most of them only get their 15 minutes and are gone.

    I’m sure there are some rappers out there that are using their music in a good way. I did see some of them preforming at church functions and if they can use their music to get kids to listen in church in a positive way more power to them. But the jerks that just want to cuss, glorify murder,mayhem and mistreatment of women anothers are the same as the stuff on the bottom of my shoes in a dog park.

    I just heard on the news the dimwits & the Sheehan groups are going to come out on Saturday to see if they can win you guys over to their way of thinking. Please take notes.