Just Shoot It Down

There is all this uproar because North Korea has supposedly fueled a long range rocket and they plan to conduct a test by launching it. Japan is not happy about this and neither is the US. There is a bunch of posturing going on and some even seem surprised that this is taking place. I do not understand because we knew that once Bill Clinton gave North Korea nuclear technology that rockets designed to carry it would come next.

I do not understand the big deal. I guess there is some remote possibility that Kim Jong Il could aim the missile at a country as an act of aggression. I doubt that since it would mean a certain end to North Korea. It would simply be wiped off the map. Instead of all this crying why doesn’t a country take a stance. You see, Il is launching the rocket to show that they have one and that it works. It is a warning shot fired across the bow to clearly demonstrate that they can hit the US and other countries.

So why do we not just take the wind out of his sails and shoot it down. He can launch it to show he has a missile and we can shoot it down to show we can defend ourselves. This should remove any doubt as to whom has the upper hand.

Source: NYT

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