Just Say No To Oprah

Back during the general election Oprah Winfrey declined to interview Sarah Palin because Oprah said she wanted to keep her show free from politics. Of course, while keeping it free she had Obama on twice, his wife was on as well and Oprah made a big public spectacle of endorsing Obama.

Now that the election is over and Obama has won Oprah has requested Sarah Palin do an interview. Now Oprah is not the only one. Larry King and Barbara Walters would like interviews as well. Palin should consider those because even though King and Walters would love to give labial stimulation to glans Obama, they did not deny Palin the chance to interview during the campaign. She might not have done one but it is not because she was refused the opportunity.

Oprah, on the other hand, decided to deny an interview that many of her audience wanted to see. Now Oprah wants the ratings jump she would surely get with Palin on the adjoining couch.

Palin should do every interview except the Oprah one. She should deny any contact with Oprah or her people. Oprah is a lying, cowardly, racist puke who does not deserve the time of day. She too is part of the Chicago machine and though many consider her talented I would venture that she had Chicago help along the way. How much skill does it take to sit on a couch and talk about how much body fat you’ve lost?

Oprah might not have wanted to interject White Republican Female politics into her show but I have a feeling she will be more active in politics in 2012. Oprah is calling it quits from her show in 2011 which will give her a year to get involved and maybe even run for something though I can’t imagine what she would actually be qualified for except maybe the aforementioned labial-glans position.

If things go right, she will still be waiting for her Palin interview.


Big Dog

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8 Responses to “Just Say No To Oprah”

  1. The Story of O… prah and …bama…

    How about the idea of being ‘unleashed’ but waiting until after the results come in before you really climb on board?


  2. Jo says:

    Love the smack down on Oprah. (hee hee) I agree .. actually, I hope the only interview she does is the one with Greta and then cut off the rest of the media.

  3. Patsy says:

    I agree with you Big Dog. Oprah showed her true colors during this election. She holds her predominantly white, conservative, female audience in contempt. She’s become a billionaire appealing to their viewership, patronage, love, respect and admiration. She didn’t have enough regard for her loyal fans to be loyal to them. She could have interviewed Sarah Palin on her show without showing support for her. By not doing so, Oprah revealed her disdain. Thanks for the great article, BD.

  4. victoria says:

    I completely agree. I quit turning on her show after what she did.

  5. Oprah has lost the respect of many of her followers and fans (not that I was ever one). As far as I can tell, Oprah is a racist.

  6. harry the biter one after election! says:

    WoW! I thought I was alone, yet I felt like crying after the election, I served 5yrs U.S Army 82nd Airborne Infantry. Now Israel is on the brink, As a Christian it is my duty/honor to defend Israel and if you are a Jew its your duty/honor as well. But here in American soil, Jews have stabed the motherland to Jews and Christians that broke their necks to defend Israel! 76% of Jews in Israel voted for McCain, I Know and they know as well!
    Here in American it was the other way around! WHY?????

  7. Paul says:

    Not appearing on Oprah would hurt Palin far more than it would hurt Oprah. It’s also pretty obvious that appearing on Oprah would also harm Palin, as she is a blithering idiot.

  8. Big Dog says:

    Sure she is. Biden was wrong in most of what he said in the debate and she is the idiot.

    Don’t believe all you read or what you hear from other moonbats.