Just Ask the Troops

I guess since John Kerry is making such a fuss over Bush’s performance over the last four years and since he keeps saying Bush is not doing a good job as Commander-in-Chief and he keeps telling us he is better qualified for the job we should get the opinion of those who will be affected most.
Demming had a principle that if you wanted to know how things were going and how to make them better ask the people who are actually doing what you want to know about. What a great idea. News Max did just that. In an article from 9/28 News Max details how soldiers serving in combat are scared to death that Kerry might win the presidential election. They are not confident in his ability to lead them in these tough times in the Global War On Terrorism. Notably:

Asked how Kerry’s election would affect troop morale in the combat zone,
Lance Cpl. Lawrence Romack told KWEL Midland, Texas, radio host Craig Anderson, “It would destroy it.””We’re pretty terrified of a John Kerry presidency,” added Romack, who served with the 1st Marine Tank Battalion in Iraq.

Well now there you have it. The folks in the military do not want Kerry as their leader. I think we owe it to them to make sure they get what they want. Kerry has been running around saying that George Bush has not spent enough to make sure the soldiers have what they need. He says he will provide them with everything they need to do their jobs. I say let’s help him by making sure he does not get in the White House. We will help the troops and we will help Kerry stick to one thing he has said and we will help George Bush stay in the White House. A win win situation all around.
Full story at News Max

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