Just a Swingin’; Saddam Will Be Hanged

The verdict is in and Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging (Access North GA). The defiant former leader of Iraq shook in the court as he screamed that God is great and that the country would live as its enemies died. Officials have been preparing for an outbreak of violence however there has been relatively little thus far.

The trial took 19 months and was interrupted a number of times with its bizarre twists and turns. Lawyers and judges have been murdered, Saddam has refused to appear in court and when he did he refused to keep his mouth shut. Now, the people of Iraq finally get justice for the murder of hundreds of thousands by this ruthless dictator.

There was celebratory gunfire after the verdict was announced but officials still believe that there might be more violence as a result of the verdict. There is also concern that the country might fall into a civil war after the verdict. This would be the same civil war that Democrats have told us Iraq has been in for months. In any event, it might actually be more peaceful than anyone though but then again, only time will tell.

I imagine the violence, if any is going to erupt, will be when they actually hang him.

Dang me, dang me! Someone take a rope and hang me.

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One Response to “Just a Swingin’; Saddam Will Be Hanged”

  1. Hang em high…

    No matter what you think of the war, the verdict is a triumph for humanity and the Iraqi people. A mass murderer has been brought to justice….