Jumpin’ Jack Bash

There is no doubt that the Rolling Stones have been one of the greatest bands in Rock history. Their lead singer, Michael (Mick) Jagger has decided to put some politics in his music and has written a song to be released song that bashes President Bush and Secretary Rice. Jagger Criticizes the President’s Christianity and calls him a “sweet neo-con.”

Mick Jagger has a lot of work to do if he thinks that he can compete with the President and his beliefs. Jagger is in no position to question the President given that he (Jagger) has lived a life of drunken and drugged parties coupled with indiscriminate sexual relations with both men and women. Jagger would also do well to remember that he is not an American citizen. He will tell us that America has been good to him and he should be allowed to vote because he has paid so much in taxes. Mick, you could have become a citizen anytime and then you could have voted.

I get tired of these people who come here and talk badly about our country while making millions of dollars and benefiting from our economy which is infinitely better than the UK’s. Jagger even broke his own word. Here is what he had to say:

“I feel very much at home in America. I’ve spent half my adult life here. I have many personal feelings. But I’m from the school that considers it impolite to comment on other people’s elections. Now if I had the vote – and I should have, as I pay so much in taxes – I would have a lot to say.”

Mick wrote a song that has a lot to say in it. I guess we can not blame him. They have not released an album in about 10 years. They only tour in much the same fashion as the Grateful Dead near the end of their careers. Mick should stick to singing and keep his comments about politics and politicians confined to his own country.

Mick, If you can’t get no satisfaction here, you can go back to the UK.

Read it here.

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