Julian Bond Of NAACP Bashes President

Julian Bond of the racist organization, the NAACP, is out again showing that his racist organization is not non-partisan but is actively engaged in politics and deserves to have its tax exempt status removed. President Bush is supposed to address the racist organization this week after declining to do so for the past five years. Why any Republican President (or any white for that matter) would concern itself with the NAACP is beyond me. They are an organization that uses racism to advance colored people, who are in no way disadvantaged and are afforded the same opportunities as non-colored people. I heard a talk show host dismiss these notions by saying the NAACP employs white people. My question is, how many have they helped. I also ask people to consider how blacks or colored people, would act if there was an organization devoted for the advancement of white or non-colored people. Imagine the calls of racism and the Revvuum Jackson protesting at the doorstep. Among the quotes from Bond’s hate speech were these gems:

“The war has as much to do with democracy as the administration has to do with compassion,” Bond said. “They know about cut-and-run. That’s what they do – cut taxes for the rich and run the country into the ground.”
He blamed the administration for assaulting civil liberties and civil rights, among other problems. “They have … orchestrated a massive transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top, increased poverty every year they have been in office, created dangerous deficits, substituted religion for science, ignored global warming, wrecked environmental protections,” he said.

Let me interpret this for you. The first part tells America that Bush cut taxes for the rich while ignoring that everyone had their taxes cut and everyone benefited from the cuts. It also ignores the increase in revenue to the Federal Government to help fund government programs that racist tax exempt organizations like the NAACP do not pay into. The NAACP is upset because they think rich people got a tax break while they themselves pay NO taxes. The second part is a reference to programs designed to fight the war on terror. This idea about a transfer of wealth is another shot at tax cuts and goes to the heart of the problem, Bond is upset that more money is not going to programs designed to help colored people. The deficit has been around a long time (no Clinton did not balance a budget, (that was a numbers game that involved no real savings). The deficit is going down because of tax cuts but then again, Bond is too stupid to see that. Then we get to substituting religion for science and ignoring global warming. I would like Julian to point out where religion has been substituted for anything. Now if he means embryonic stem cell research perhaps he should read that REAL science shows more promise with adult stem cells. Perhaps Bond is substituting rhetoric for real science. Maybe Christopher Reeve could have been here to tell us that if it had not been for religion holding up science. Global Warming is a theory that is not supported by much of the science available and the methods used by proponents are suspect. There are as many scientists who disagree with the theory as there are who agree with it. In this case, one science would have to be ignored in favor of another. No matter what side you are on you are, in effect, ignoring the science of the other side. I would think that Julian Bond should be careful about who he accuses of ignoring science since he is siding with Al Gore who is by no stretch a scientist (but he is a Democrat and that is good enough for the NAACP).

Julian Bond also took a shot at Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich. Bond is upset that Ehrlich vetoed an early voting bill that the Maryland Legislature overrode. I guess Bond would think the bill was OK because it was designed to help Democrats and only Democrats with no method of tracking multiple voters. The Maryland bill (now law) allows people to vote up to 7 days in advance of the election and they may vote in any place in their district. The law does not apply to the entire state, only to locations where it is heavily democratic. Now it seems to me that this is a violation of the Constitution in that equal protection is not provided. It is also a violation of the civil rights of the Republicans who are not allowed the same items under the law. There are no provisions for ID cards (though election judges must show ID to get training) and there are no provisions on who will man these places for 7 days. To top it off there are no provisions in place to provide a written record of the ballots cast and there are no methods to ensure people do not vote more than once.

It just seems to me that the Democratically controlled Maryland Legislature set up a system ripe for abuse and they did it in areas where Democrats could abuse it in order to ensure they win elections. As I have told you, the Democrats will say or do anything to get elected. I also believe that every person who wants to vote can get up off their sorry asses and get to the polling place on election day. If there is a reason they can not be there then they can use an absentee ballot. The only thing I am waiting for the corrupt Maryland Legislature to do is pass a bill that says Republican polling places will only be open from midnight until 10 minutes after on election day. Do Ehrlich was looking out for the fairness of the process and to ensure that this state avoids the corruption that was present when the previous governor won by a whisker after a lot of dead people voted for him.

Julian Bond has taken Ehrlich to task because Bond does not care about fairness. He wants colored people to get more than anyone else. Julian Bond is against the President because the President has done things that Bond sees as making life fair for everyone and Bond wants it more fair for colored people. Many people will see me as a racist for this post but I am no racist. Keep in mind that I do not belong to an organization that is designed to advance only people from my race like Mr. Bond is. Keep in mind that I do not vote for or espouse policies that gives one group of people preference over another. I do not subscribe to affirmative action because it is a racist policy. I do not belong to or support having a United White-Kid College Fund or a Congressional White Caucus. The NAACP is in favor of all these things and Julian Bond is making noise so that Hispanics (especially ILLEGAL Mexicans) do not replace “colored” people as the new Democratic cause for civil rights.

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