Judges Pan Hillary Movie

This, according to the AP:

The early reviews are in, and three federal judges appeared in agreement Wednesday that a movie lambasting Hillary Clinton seemed an awful lot like a 90-minute campaign advertisement. Breitbart

Hillary: The Movie is a 90 minute story that details the public life of Hillary Clinton and it features many people who know her well and know what kind of person she is. It features those who know how corrupt she really is and it demonstrates that in a, well documentary format. But the judges, two of whom are conservatives, are not buying that claim. I guess you may not attack a liberal Democrat in a movie or you will get in trouble.

John Kerry fought hard and had Stolen Honor removed from some television stations. It was a documentary that showed how he was a phony war hero and how he disgraced his service and his fellow sailors during his service in Vietnam (he was there you know) and during his protests when he returned. Some Fox channels showed the documentary but there was a lot of controversy. After all, one cannot dis a Democrat.

However, when the target is a Republican, all bets are off. Micheal Moore was allowed to show Fahrenheit 911 all over without worrying about campaign finance issues. I am not sure if Moore spent his own money on the show but was it required to have political disclaimers? Moore had at least 50 errors in the film and most were outright lies and distortion of the truth. To top it off, it was aired and released and given away for free just before the election in order to help defeat George Bush. That was the stated goal of Moore and yet, he was not taken to task like those who are defending the Hillary movie.

I believe that the DVDs are not regulated by the campaign laws. I am more than willing to buy one. I would suggest that the people who made it consider showing it for free on the web. They can show it and then sell the DVD.

This is a biased world where Democrats are a protected species and anything goes when it comes to Republicans. But then again, we have always had a soft spot for the handicapped…

Maybe the judges were afraid the movie would make Hillary cry…

Hillary is Satan.

Big Dog

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