Judge Causes Casualty of War

The unfortunate thing about war is that you have to go away and fight against people who desperately want to kill you. The men and women of today’s armed forces are some of the greatest warriors this nation has ever produced. They are all volunteer and most of them perform admirably. As if it isn’t bad enough that soldiers get sent to places where people want to see them dead, soldiers at home face enemies who tear the fabric of their being to shreds. I am talking about judges who do not look out for them.

There is a national guard soldier from Texas named John Wertz. He divorced his first wife in the 90s and was awarded custody of their then three year old son. John remarried and his new wife has taken care of John’s son as if he were her own. Now John has orders to go to Iraq. He has already pulled duty as an airport guard and was deployed to Korea. Sometime after the first of the year he will deploy to Iraq to fight in the GWOT. John was reassigned to a base in California where his son and wife would stay while he is defending America. John’s ex wife did not like this idea so she filed to have the custody arrangement reviewed.

A judge in Texas ruled that John must give up custody of his son to the boy’s biological mother. When John comes back from Iraq they will revisit the custody issue. This tells me that getting his son back is not a sure thing for poor John. But this stinks from all angles. John’s wife has been taking care of the boy for years. The judge did not take this in to account when he made the ruling. The reason for his decision was that it California is a long way from his biological mother. So let’s turn this kid’s world upside down and disrupt the life to which he has become accustomed. Who cares about the boy anyway? After all, he is just some property that can be tossed around.

Top it off by tearing John’s world apart just before he leaves for duty where he needs his mind focused 100% on the war. He does not need to be distracted by the major upheaval caused by this judge and John’s former wife. I think that it is totally unreasonable to do this to a man who has more than done his part to protect this country. He is now going to do even more and he gets screwed right here at home. He is defending this country while this country lets him down. We have all these congressmen and other politicians ranting and raving about how we must support the troops. They love to tell us how Bush is not taking care of the troops. They love it even more when they can bash Don Rumsfeld for their perception that he is not providing the troops with what they need. I don’t hear these same politicians crying out about the great injustice done to this soldier and his family. I guess they only speak up when they can get good air time out of it.

This judge should be taken off the bench. He should probably be horse whipped and then dragged through the streets until he is bloody and bruised. He is a disgrace to the judicial system and he has screwed this soldier good. Perhaps this robe wearing fraud would like to trade in his powdered wig and accompany John Wertz to Iraq. I don’t think this judge would have the guts to do a real man’s work so he screws those whose bravery he envies.

I feel badly for John Wertz, his son, and his wife (current, not ex). It is a shame that three days after the holiest holiday of the year John will have to take his son to Texas to live with a woman who has allowed her desires to screw her son and ex husband. I know that it is bad for John and things probably can’t get much worse but I would not be surprised if this idiot judge made him start paying his ex wife child support, just to add some insult to injury.

Read the entire story here.

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