Judge Allows Physical Attack To Enforce Court Order

Judge Sara Sheldon Sperrazza of Niagra County New York ruled that it was OK to Taser a person who refused to comply with a court order in order to execute the order. A man refused to give his DNA in a case. He had given it before but the police sent it to the wrong lab so they could not use it. They got another court order and the man refused to provide his DNA. He said they would have to Taser him to get it, and they did.

The police Tasered Ryan Smith and took his DNA.

It does not matter to me that this guy was probably guilty, what matters is the abuse of him in enforcing a court order and the implications this might have on others. Suppose there was a court order for you to turn over certain paperwork related to a case and you refused. In times past you would be put in jail until you complied with the order. After this ruling the cops might just Taser you and then look through your stuff until they find it. There are many court orders that are disobeyed. There are legal remedies designed to get people to comply but physical abuse is not one of them.

Reporters who refuse to give up a source per a court order are sent to jail until they do. What happens if they are Tasered until they give up the source? Why not just water board them and be done with it?

This judge gave a moronic ruling in this case and it should be overturned.

In third world countries they use physical violence to obtain information. In the US we have laws that prevent this.

Then again, we have laws that punish voter intimidation and the Obama Justice Department ignores them. We have laws preventing ILLEGALS from registering to vote but Obama’s Justice Department ignores them. Hell, we have rules that are supposed to punish people for being here ILLEGALLY but the government ignores those.

In any event, I guess it is not surprising that Smith was physically abused in order to obtain information given that Obama and his peeps want to move us to Socialism and Obama is more aligned with the Communists than the free people.

Welcome to the kind of America the Democrats accused (unjustly) our troops of. The gulags cannot be too far behind.

Big Dog

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22 Responses to “Judge Allows Physical Attack To Enforce Court Order”

  1. Randy says:

    A commenter going by the handle “CmdrZero” posted a fine response to this on the thread for the article to which you linked. Though the question about the need for the second test was answered in the article. It’s there to read if anyone cares to, simply click on Big Dogs link. The comment states what would have been an appropriate response, other than using a taser, and eloquently finishes with this thought:

    “I think the judge in this case has left the door open for an appeal that will probably put this cat back on the street.” -CmdrZero

    I agree.

    I also fail to see what any of this has to do with Barack Obama.

    • Blake says:

      This is just indicative of the type of “justice” that Obamazombies will dish out to anyone who tries to use their rights under The Moronic One. Your rights are shrinking, and I find my self wondering where the left- wing outrage at the loss of our rights is, when if this had happened under Bush, libbies would have screamed like scalded cats.
      I guess losing rights is OK as long as you can gaze into his eyes, or some such drivel.

      • Randy says:

        What rights have you lost? Tell me specifically, what rights do you not have now that you had before Obama took office. You guys have bitched about everything from Obama eating pizza to this local judge making a questionable ruling and claiming it is a sign of the end of America due to our elected President.

        Here is the rub…I know Obama. He isn’t a guy who came out of nowhere to me. He has been a legislator here in Chicago and in the state of Illinois for a long time. What you say about him almost ALL of the time is simply not true and baseless speculation. You are scared and making connections that aren’t there. It shows. My big problem is that you are screaming and crying about EVERYTHING. There is a place for criticism, and Obama will most certainly do some things worthy of great criticism, but you are wasting all your thunder on petty and irrelevant shit (as it relates to Obama) like this judges ruling.

        This is why no one is taking conservatives of your particular stripe seriously anymore.

        • Blake says:

          Even as we speak, there is an erosion of states rights, in favor of big government. Under Barama we now have “Czars” who are accountable to noone BUT the executive power- Congress does not have any power over them- checks and balances are being subverted. What is his Cabinet for? Now, they have less power, and this will lead to turf battles, and then oh boy will the government be more efficient then? I don’t think so.
          Barama is doing an end- around the Constitution, because he sees it as an inhibiting document- an “Inconvenient Truth” he wants to avoid, because it prohibits him from directly doing what he is doing- forcing states to take money even if they do not want it- forcing banks to take money they do not want, breaking contract law in violation of the Constitution- I could go on, but if you can’t see these examples, then I am wasting my breath.

  2. Adam says:

    “Welcome to the kind of America the Democrats accused (unjustly) our troops of. The gulags cannot be too far behind.”

    Welcome to the Republican crybaby era where things like a weather man saying it’s going to be sunny and it raining instead is the fault of a Democrat. Apparently our justice system was perfect until Obama was elected and now we’re no better than 3rd world country. Isn’t it time for another tea party to set this straight?

    • Blake says:

      No- the Dems aren’t responsible for the weather, just the attempted socialism of this country. I know you are fine with this Adam, your family proudly sucks money and benefits off of the government. You probably have the attitude like my neighbors across the street- I paid in, so I want to get mine back.
      With libbies, its all about them. That’s the type of self- absorption we don’t need in this country, at this time. Soldiers wouldn’t have gone on the beaches on D- Day if they were that spoiled- Thank God they were not.

  3. Big Dog says:

    So Adam, tell me where your outrage was at the Black Panthers and their intimidation and then tell me where your outrage was when Holder dismissed a CASE HE HAD WON.

    You see, if the Republicans had sent people with weapons to intimidate blacks at the polls and then dismissed the charges you would be screaming like your head was on fire.

    This is the kind of justice the jackboots in Holder’s Justice will enforce and Obama appointed him.

    Welcome to the world of coercion. Have stock in a company and it goes under, better shut up or government will investigate your tax returns.

    Once inflation hits we will be no better than a third world country. Of course with Obama and his Commie buddies we are heading there quickly enough.

  4. Barbara says:

    Hey Adam, there is another tea party coming up in July.

  5. Adam says:

    For the record the Democrats didn’t send Black Panthers anywhere so can your phony outrage about race. I have no problem admitting we have a flawed justice system but to pretend it’s becoming 3rd world because you lost the election just shows you have big of a cry baby you’re being since your side got it’s ass handed to it two elections in a row.

    You’re still talking about inflation? Keep dreaming. Inflation can’t really get much lower so it’s bound to go up someday and you’ll probably think you’re right but as for the level you fear I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. Big Dog says:

    One of those Panthers was a member of the Democrats that were poll watchers so he was sent. However, you deflect the issue. The issue is there was voter intimidation, the Justice Department had a case, it won the case and it dismissed it.

    If Republicans did that you would be screaming.

    As for losing the election, I have been on the losing side before. I have been voting just a little longer than you have and we have won some and lost some. That does not change my outlook on Democrats or Obama. He is bad for this country and he is destroying it. None of this is being a cry baby.

    However, I find it hilarious that you would make such a claim after all the actual cry babying you did during Bush’s years in office. You were unhinged.

    You now have the audacity to scold me for what you consider to be unhinged behavior after you did that and more?

    This is how you liberals work. If you lose you get your little pink panties in a wad and have a hissy, charge that the election was stolen and then work to destroy people. You win and you want everyone to hold hands and be nice.

    I don’t like Obama and I don’t like what he is doing. I hope he is a huge failure because if he is America will succeed.

    And next year you will see that inflation. Inflation is based on prices and purchasing power. Right now prices are stable because of the law of supply and demand. People either cannot afford to buy things or they are not buying things. I have put off major purchases and many people are doing the same. They are paying down debt and saving.

    Businesses have to lower prices to encourage people to buy. Once people start buying the prices will go up. The dollar continues to lose value and will keep doing so as we keep printing more of them. This will result in money with little value so it will take a lot more to buy something.

    The inflation rate will rise. In the last 8 years I don’t think it was ever higher than 5.5% (and never 6%) but it will be 9 or 10% next year.

    I know your liberal economists and liberal college teachers are saying something different but they are the ones who said the same things during Carter.

    Since inflation is below zero and has been for several months the bigger concern right now is deflation. A sustained rate below zero is not good. Deflation is linked to recession and depression and prevents economic policy from stabilizing the economy because of the liquidity trap.

    We will have deflation. Then we will have a rebound inflation.

    I think it will hit next year. You will be believing it because you will see it. I think double digits are not out of the question and certainly it will be higher than the 8 years Bush was in office.

    See Jimmy Carter and his monetary policies.

  7. Bunny Colvin says:

    Dog the inflation expert. When do you receive your Nobel Prize in Economics? What a bozo.

    • Big Dog says:

      Can you refute this? The definitions of inflation and deflation are correct and I do read the writings of economists.

      But Bunny, you and Darrel are the experts on everything. Why don’t you guys go on a date?

    • Blake says:

      Bunny- what can you do besides carp ineffectively? Perhaps one day you will mature enough that you actually have a cogent thought. Until then, leave the grown- ups at their table, and go out back to the sandbox. Perhaps you’ll find the tootsie roll the cat left there. Feel free.

  8. Big Dog says:

    Maybe soon, Al Gore got a peace prize for something that had nothing to do with peace.

    I warned you about the insults. If you want to talk like that follow Adam over to meathead’s place.

    • Darrel says:

      BIGD: Al Gore got a peace prize for something that had nothing to do with peace.>>

      Tell that to the Pentagon:

      “Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us”

      · Threat to the world is greater than terrorism



      • Blake says:

        Yeah right, D- Climate change is the boogey man- Al Gore’s carbon footprint is so freaking big, but then he has the nerve to lecture us on ours? He can kiss my A**- perhaps when he can walk the walk, instead of fly that jet, or drive his hummers.

        • Darrel says:

          1) Al Gore’s “carbon footprint” is zero.

          2) He doesn’t have a jet to fly.

          3) He doesn’t own a Hummer.

          What is the purpose of your constant dishonesty? Does it serve some purpose besides making it so easy to make you look foolish?

          Not that I’m complaining…

  9. Big Dog says:

    I suppose your logic is that he buys carbon offsets. A phony scam.

    He uses a jet to get around the world and he actually rides in limos.

    His house used more electricity than 20 houses.

    He has a huge carbon footprint, offsets of not.