Jose Still Does Not See

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The Spanish version of the National Anthem is out and getting a lot of air time on Spanish radio stations. I saw a translation and it bears little resemblance to the original. Here is how the last part translates:

We are brothers in our anthem.
In fierce combat, a gleaming emblem of victory
and the struggle toward liberty.
My people fight on.
The time has come to break the chains.
Throughout the night they proclaimed, “We will defend it!”
Tell me! Does its starry beauty still wave
above the land of the free,
the sacred flag?

My people fight on across the desert, perhaps? And the time has come to break the chain link fences is more appropriate considering how many do just that to sneak in like thieves in the night. And a question mark after the sacred flag. Is that supposed to be an insult aimed at people who opposed the Mexicans placing their flag above ours and turning our upside down? I still like my version better. In case you missed it, here it is again:

Jose can you see? By the jail cell’s dim light.
You were so justly jailed for illegal entry
With your kids, dogs, and wife, you took a perilous flight
O’er the desert you walked, while you sneaked in so gently
Though the Minuteman’s hard stare, made the crossings more rare
You sneaked through in the night, then you stole our health care
Jose does your protester’s banner yet wave
Till we throw your ass out, and our country we save.

It just has a better ring to it…..

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3 Responses to “Jose Still Does Not See”

  1. Robert says:

    I like it, Isn’t it amazing that they can do whatever they want to our flag ,anthem or anything to do with our patriotism, but let a white guy burn the Mexican flag and he gets jail time? Arm yourself big dog, the sh*&’s going to hit the fan pretty quick.

  2. Wild Thing says:

    BD, I sure do like your version much better.
    I am so furious about all of this. I have written emails, snail mail,
    made phone calls, faxed oh man so many things.
    What happened to “we the people” BD? We count too! At least we used to.

    Thank you again BD, I sure do love your blog.

  3. Schatz says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Robert (and Wild Thing). If we desecrated their national anthem the way they have violated ours we would be the biggest racists and the ACLU would be chomping at the bit to punish our ignorance. I am disgusted that no one has the nerve to remind these people that they have no rights just because they can sneak over the border or pop out some progeny on our land. I love your song – think we should record a version and play it as loud as we can while rounding up the vermin and sending them all home.