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I am a member of a Scriptural reading group that is part of Yahoo groups. My friend Wayfarer runs the group and it is a very good way for people to keep up with scripture. This is a description from the site:

By subscribing to the ScriptureReading mailing list, you will have the opportunity to read the entire Bible in one year. The complete text of each days readings will be delivered directly to your emailbox. There will be four passages per day and they should take a total of less than half an hour to read. Each day will have one reading in each of four categories: Historical, Devotional, Prophetic, & New Testament. This gives the readings a little daily variety, while still allowing the reader to follow the ‘plot lines’ throughout. The moderator offers NO TEACHING, PREACHING, OR COMMENTARY on this list, just a presentation of God’s word in a manner which makes it easy for us to read in our hectic daily lives! Schedule developed by Michael Lancto at

You can join by sending a blank email to:

or if you are a yahoo subscriber (or want to subscribe) you can join this group (it is free to join):

I think that many of you will find this helpful in keeping up with your scriptural reading. I know it has helped me keep up.

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One Response to “Join The Scripture Reading Group”

  1. Laurie says:

    I’ve just joined, since my Pastor on Sunday reminded us that it is a good idea, and I remembered reading this post. In the past I have had better success just going through each book in succession than with the plans that jump around to different parts, but I’ll try getting them by e-mail and see how that works for me.