John Murtha Tortures Troops, Call McCain

Blow hard Congressman John Murtha went to Iraq to visit the troops and see how things are going. I don’t know why he thinks they would want him there and only the professionalism he denies they possess kept the word fratricide from being in the paper. He stated that the surge appears to be working (well duh) but (always the but) the Iraqi government needs to step it up and start doing things. He said they were dysfunctional. We are teaching them government and they learned the dysfunction from the idiots like Murtha in Congress.

The big event was Murtha torturing our troops. He ate his holiday meal with them. I cannot imagine that anyone would eat with him of their own free will so more than likely some poor bastards were forced to eat with the guy. Having to eat with this jackass is torture so they need to call John McCain and tell him to do something about this. McCain, who opposes torture but votes every year to authorize it against our own troops, needs to intervene on behalf of these soldiers.

I am sure Murtha went there so he could give credibility to the new Democratic approach in Iraq. The surge is working so they can no longer deny this and they cannot say we lost (though Harry Reid will) so they are changing tactics and saying the Iraqis are not moving quickly enough or that they are dysfunctional. Murtha is the mouthpiece for the Dems with regard to military affairs so he needed to go there and come back to make a pronouncement so the Kos kids and other idiots can pick up the new talking points and run with them.

Murtha is an ass and they should have landed the helicopter in the middle of the desert and let him out there and then lifted off without him.

Source: Post Gazette

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One Response to “John Murtha Tortures Troops, Call McCain”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    I’m just disappointed that he didn’t leave with a muslim bullet between his eyes.

    I can’t imagine any of the troops volunteering to sit at a table with this piece of crap. Must have been a lot of threats going on.