John McCain’s Principled Immigration Stance

Of course the title of this post is sarcastic because John McCain, Mr. Straight Talk, is not talking the same straight talk he was back when immigration reform was a hot button issue. When George Bush wanted to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens John McCain was on board with the entire process. The uproar from the citizens of this country is the only thing that kept Congress from granting amnesty to millions of law breakers.

Back then McCain did not have a care in the world and he was courting the Hispanic population (how did that work out for you John) he could claim he was a Maverick and that he did not toe the party line. Yes, that was then but now he is singing a different story. Perhaps it is because he has watched as incumbents from both parties were voted out in their primaries. More likely it is because he is in a very tight race for his Senate seat and he might just lose.

It is not hard to see that McCain is in a tight race because his whole stance on illegal immigration has changed. Back when McCain was courting the illegal vote he told an interviewer that he did not think a fence was the way to go but if they (those opposed to illegals) want a fence I’ll build the G-d damned thing. Now he is a big proponent for the fence. His latest ad has him walking along with a law enforcement officer and McCain blames illegals for all the bad things taking place (much of which is true) and then says we need to build the danged fence. The viewer is left with a warm and fuzzy feeling as the officer says you’re one of us.

McCain was not one of us when he was working very hard trying to get amnesty for the lawbreakers. McCain was not one of us when he was shunning the idea of a fence and he was not one of us when he was working with the left and all the La Raza types to reward criminals (all the time ignoring the will of a huge majority of citizens). No, McCain became one of us when he saw a challenger with a good chance of beating him. McCain is trying to be one of us now that Arizona has passed a tough law against illegal immigration, a law that about 70% of the state’s legal population approves of. John McCain can see that if 70% approve of this law then he had better try to appear anti illegal and hope that no one remembers his past position on the issue if he wants to have a chance to be reelected.

It is time for John McCain to go. In fact it is well past time for him to go. I think he would have been a better president than the guy we have now but mostly because he has leadership experience and has actually sacrificed for this country. And McCain would not have been as radical as Obama.

Having said that, there is not much difference between the two of them in most other regards.

I predict that McCain will lose the primary. The people in Arizona are going to look at the commercial and laugh at tough guy McCain and his supposed stance on illegal immigration.

RINOs are in as much trouble as the Democrats.


Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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10 Responses to “John McCain’s Principled Immigration Stance”

  1. FairWitness says:

    Hi Big Dog:

    I hope McCain goes down to defeat for his treachery and betrayal of all Americans, not just Republicans. His work to impose the amnesty bill on us and his misguided McCain-Feingold campaign finance law (finally struck down as unconstitutional) were but 2 of his legislative efforts that have helped to harm our nation.

    I respect the man’s service to our country in Vietnam, but I don’t appreciate his efforts as a US Senator. He did much more harm than good.

    And I am speaking to you as one of the now DEFEATED veteran Democratic congressman Alan Mollohan’s constituents. Hell froze over here yesterday in North Central West Virginia! Good riddance to bad rubbish! May this be the first of many!

  2. Adam says:

    I think it’s important to keep in mind still that not just those you consider “RINOs” but incumbents in general on both sides are on the chopping block. We’ve seen wave after wave of anti-incumbent sentiment giving and taking away jobs over the last two election cycles and it doesn’t look to let up. It’s probably a good thing in general but it stings for the losing party.

    The Democrats took advantage of a grossly unpopular president and GOP in 2006 and 2008. I don’t think Obama or the other Democrats’ popularity is an issue this time around though. It’s not like national opinion of the Democrats has eroded dramatically over the last year or so. It’s stayed pretty steady with just a 2% Dem decrease and a 2% GOP increase over that time. Also, Obama’s hovered around the positives in approval for a while, approval of the Dems in Congress is still stronger than the GOP in Congress, health care reform is still growing in popularity instead of shrinking, and there has been no traction on accusing Obama of a bad response to the oil spill or flooding.

    About the only real thing the GOP can cling to right now is the economic conditions. The only problem is the news has been almost all positive about the economy this year so far. Your side has had to spin every job report or economic indicator to look as bad as possible and ignore any good and I don’t know if that will work out for you. The general public knows when things are going good or bad no matter what Fox News or Rush Limbaugh says.

    I don’t think there’s any way the Dems can come out ahead in the election but I still firmly believe that as the economy continues to grow the GOP will see their hopes for a “blood bath” shrinking and will get only moderate gains in Congress.

    The gains will be enough to derail many pieces of Obama’s agenda of course but my money right now is now on the Democrats maintaining majority control in the House and most likely the Senate. I reserve the right to change this opinion of course as the election nears and we get a better feel for which issues are getting traction and what’s helping and hurting the parties.

    • Big Dog says:

      If you will recall I have been calling for all of them to be voted out regardless of party. In WV they voted out the incumbent and now Dems who did not want to vote Republican can vote for the Dem. A majority with a lot of new people will be weakened but I think the Republicans will pick off enough seats to capture the majority in the House and get close to a 50/50 split in the Senate. Obama is popular but his agenda is not.

      You can claim that there is nothing to any of the opposition but you have one big weapon. The state run media is on his side and is spinning things very well. That, Darrel, is why people see the word progressive in the light they do. Capitalism has been beaten to death in the SRM and Socialism has been promoted.

      As for the progress in progressive, it is a progression to Socialism. That is just the way it workd and it is the stated goal of many of the players.

      I would like to see anyone refute what Beck has said. he uses THEIR own words and no one can refute him. The WH never calls.

      Why is that? They have no problem lashing out at other setworks that do not sing praises to the messiah.

      As for the economy, no one has to spin the fact that there are millions of people unemployed and no jobs being created. Obama has lost nearly 3 million since the stimulus and report after report shows how much of a failure it was and how it has been used as a slush fund and a fund to pay back supporters. The cost per so called ceated jobs is well over 100 thousand dollars.

      When inflation hits and things go south again people will not be happy.

      I think you are not guaging the mood of the public and you will see in November that this was a costly mistake.

      • Adam says:

        “As for the economy, no one has to spin the fact that there are millions of people unemployed and no jobs being created.”

        No jobs being created? This is exactly what I’m talking about. Over 200,000 private sector jobs were created last month alone and well over half a million created since December. No jobs created? That’s spin. You just can’t help yourself. Over a quarter of the lost jobs will most likely be restored before November but you’ll still be singing the same old tune about how bad things are.

  3. Darrel says:

    How can McCain lose with a doosey of an ad like this?

    Interesting to see how the word “progressive” polls too.

    “Despite all the firepower that Fox has devoted to this progressive bashing, America isn’t buying it. The Pew Research Center just released a study that asked respondents to say whether they had a positive or negative view of a variety of terms. About two thirds (68%) said that they have a positive reaction to the term “progressive.” That’s 16 percentage points higher than those who reacted positively to “capitalism.” Even a majority of Republicans (56%) have a positive impression of the curse of progress.”


  4. Bunny Colvin says:

    Dog, are you endorsing JG Wentworth, or whatever his name is. (I’m not trying to be funny, I can’t remember the fellas name). Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t this guy lose his congressional seat a few years back? Now he wants to be a senator? And take the seat from a war hero? What nerve.


    • Big Dog says:

      I am endorsing no one in particular. I am advocating the removal of people who are not conservative and McCain is not conservative war hero or not. There are plenty of war heroes I would not vote for including those like Kerry who exploited 3 months of combat and expected us to forget all the protests after…

  5. FairWitness says:

    Big Dog, Alan Mollohan more or less inherited his Congressional seat from his father, Robert. He has spent his entire 14 terms sending hundreds of millions of federal earmarked tax dollars back to our district — but precious little of those massive amounts actually went to do anything productive in this area. Almost all of it went to Mollohan cronies, friends, relatives and Mollohan’s own wallet. He has been under investigation by Federal Grand Jury and the FBI for at least 7 years and has been reelected by landslides, in spite of his financial shenanigans.

    Those investigations were “dropped” in January 2010 without charges being filed. Mysteriously timed to the coincide with the vote on ObamaCare. Mollohan sold his vote to Obama to save his butt from going to prison. His constituents know it and his vote for ObamaCare did him in. My neighbors and fellow north central West Virginians can abide crooked politicians, what we can’t abide is someone who ignores our direct orders NOT to vote for that piece of crap healthcare bill.

    There are tons of unionized coal miners in this area who don’t like the plans to tax their generous health insurance plans. They also don’t like the cap & trade energy bill with its anti-coal provisions that will kill the main employer in WV that pays decent wages. They learned from healthcare bill that we can’t count on Mollohan to represent us the way we would like, so he had to go.

    My hubby and I voted in the Republican primary for the winner, David McKinley, a businessman from Wheeling. I hope he wins in November and it will really be a miracle if that happens. There hasn’t been a Republican representative elected from this district in decades.

    We shall see what happens.

  6. Blake says:

    Adam, buns, and Darrel- You all seem to lose sight of the reality that the jobless numbers are far worse than the admin portrays them.
    For example, ALL construction jobs, ( you know Buns, BUILDING homes and apartments) that are lost are not able to apply for unemployment, as the people involved are classified as “contract labor”- and thus are technically their own boss. Thus they are not counted as being jobless, and yet they are- they are the invisible jobless, and yet since the homebuilding industry accounts for approx. 25% of the GDP in the US these days, and is one of the LAST forms of manufacturing we have left, it would make sense to take these people into account.
    I guess since many of these people are illegals, they would not be eligible, but that raises another problem- the death by degrees of the blue-collar trades in America these days.