John Kerry Still Running (From SF 180)

Speculation still surrounds John Kerry and his intentions for 2008. News Max is reporting that Kerry still jets across the country and is heavily involved in raising money for other Democrats and he even donated money to help the Democrats illegally obtain office in Washington State. Yes John Kerry is out there and he is making sure he stays in the limelight bashing the President every chance he gets. The presence of John Kerry makes people wonder is he will run again.

John Kerry is running but not for the Presidency. Kerry is running from his military record. Kerry made a promise to the American public that he would sign an SF 180 and release ALL of his military records. This is the only way to settle once and for all; war hero or war zero. Though Kerry has signed a 180 in the past it was not sent to the record repository that houses complete records. Instead he sent it to a department that only kept a portion of his records. It is time for John Kerry to live up to his promise and sign the SF 180, to allow unrestricted release of his military records, and to send that request to the records repository housing his entire military record.

John Kerry is running from his past. He talks a good game but he shows cowardice when it comes time to back up what he says. John, you promised the American people you would release your records in their entirety and that is what we expect. We will not let this issue rest until you release them or are no longer in office.

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