John Kerry Should be Proud of Her

I have noticed that whenever the Bush girls blow their noses the press is all over it. They are stalked and if they have a problem it is made in to a major headline. I remember when they were out buying alcohol when they were underage. The press went nuts. Of course, this is the same press corps, who chided the RNC for having the girls speak at the convention. I believe I heard one of them being interviewed on Fox say he wasn’t interested in what the daughters had to say it was their father he wanted to hear because he is the candidate. This guy did not make the same statements when Kerry’s and Edwards’ daughters were up there, but there is no media bias. I think that man is entitled to that point of view but you an bet he would be the first to publish a story about the Bush girls if they got in trouble. You see, they say there is no bias but I have not heard a thing about Kerry’s daughter. I’ve heard Kerry talk about Cheney’s daughter and then the entire press corps followed suit. I hear Ms. Heinz talk about Ms. Bush, but I have yet to see the big story about Kerry’s daughter. I even remember seeing a picture of one of the Bush girls sticking her tongue out at reporters, but still no pictures of the Kerry girl. I guess you could make the argument that Alex Kerry does not get herself in trouble or do anything newsworthy.
I would submit, she just does it in her father’s home country of France. This is a picture of her from the Cannes Film Festival. Care to explain why there was not an uproar. First we have Ms. Heinz’s big mouth, then we have her punk son’s big mouth, then we have this young, ahem, lady who is the daughter of the man who wants to be president looking like this in public. No wonder the French like Kerry.

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